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A see yourself out note isn’t how you want to celebrate the morning after your first one-night stand.

The first time I meet Archer Callahan is when I block him in a parking spot.

The second is a fender bender.

The third is at a bar, drinking away our problems, and finding our way to his bed.

I never expected to see him again.

That changes when a month later, he’s introduced as my brother’s new business partner.

In need of a job, I’m hired at their bar, much to Archer’s dismay.

We hate each other.

We’re off-limits.

But every time we’re together, flashbacks of that night shake through us.

We push, we pull, until one of us breaks.

September 22
Charity Ferrell
Charity Ferrell LLC

Customer Reviews

Samantha B. Sokol ,

This series keeps getting better!

This series keeps getting better! After Archer and Georgia spend a night together as strangers, and shortly after find out they are linked in more ways than the one night. Archer co-owns a bar with Georgia’s brother, and when she starts working there after getting laid off, it makes things difficult for Archer. From the beginning of the book I was dying to find out what made Archer not want to be involved with anyone and what was the pivotal moment in his life, and thankfully Georgia didn’t take no for an answer and kept on him until he finally wore down. This couple was one I found myself rooting for constantly, and I was so happy they got their HEA together! They are somewhat opposites, with Archer being very standoff-ish and Georgia being very sweet, and it really works for them in the chemistry department. I can’t wait for the next installment to see this group of friends find their HEA while also getting the connection from Charity’s previous series!
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

KaitlynPhotographer3 ,

Shaken about this book😉

This book was so dreamy! It brought the real life troubles and issues into pure surreal moments that ended in love. Of course there are troubles but that’s what makes it even better. Charity Ferrell never disappoints. She always adds the juicy, glory details that brings the story together! I will say I hope she comes out with a part two for this book because I have so many questions. The ending just kind of kills off after the big question. It doesn’t really settle my thoughts on what will happen next. Will he stick to his word and stay? Will they get married and have a beautiful wedding? Will they have kids and if so, how many?! Will they move into the house that he showed her?! So many questions unanswered. But overall, it was An absolutely fantastic book!!

lsdjy357 ,


I love it but hate how there’s no talk of deeper into their future. It just cuts off.

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