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Imagine effortlessly using audio effects to sonically match what you hear in your head. Imagine a state of creative flow as you mix, with the tools simply acting as an extension of your creativity. Imagine confidently recognizing the effects used on commercial songs, and matching their tone and vibe.

This practical guide to signal processing dedicates a chapter to each audio effect, including EQ, Compression, Gating, Distortion, Reverb, Delay, and Pitch-Shifting, just to name a few. Numerous well-known songs are referenced throughout, with explanations of how these processors were used to shape.

Go beyond using plug-in presets, tips and tricks, YouTube tutorials, and advice from strangers on audio forums. Filter out the noise so that you can focus on developing your sense of musical and sonic taste.

After dedicating some time to learn about and use each processor, you’ll create your own internal sound database to draw from, a sort of mental map. You’ll be better able to create an exciting experience for the listener, reaching them on an emotional level. Most listeners don’t even necessarily care how it sounds, but instead how it makes them feel. Does it make them want to keep listening, sing along, move their bodies, cry, or any other emotional or physical reaction to it?

Learning how to work with these audio tools effectively and internalize their sound will expand your potential. It will empower you to use whatever it takes to transform the sound into what you think it needs to be. If it sounds good, it is good.

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October 2
Bold Bear Publishing
Alek Palmersmith

Customer Reviews

Dark Lullabies ,

Great book!!!

Many audio engineering books go into much details that confuse a beginner on the way with the number of details they contain. This book feels more like sitting and talking to an experienced friend that shares his wisdom. From compressors, equalizers, reverbs, delays, signal chain to de-essing, and frequency identification. This book touches on essential audio engineering elements and encourages the reader to do the most crucial thing, USE YOUR EARS!!!
Great stuff. Through and yet easy to read. Love it.