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While the raid that killed Osama bin Laden cemented SEAL Team Six as the American military's reluctant media darling, a broader look at the Global War on Terror suggests that it's been the Army's Delta Force that has quietly spearheaded the most ambitious special operations campaign in modern history.Formerly a highly trained but seldom used tool in America's arsenal, over the past decade 'the Unit' has been unleashed on the nation's enemies the world over. In SHAPING THE WORLD FROM THE SHADOWS the post-9/11 activities of Delta Force have finally been assembled and put into context, providing a wide-ranging look into the staggering secret history of the world's leading special operations force in their defining hour."Chris Martin has written an astonishing account of special operations activities around the globe. Someone at the Pentagon should check for any missing keys..." - D.B. Grady, co-author of THE COMMAND: DEEP INSIDE THE PRESIDENT'S SECRET ARMY"Chris does an amazing job compiling open source information about this often misunderstood special operations unit, a job that journalists and researchers should have done a long time ago. Delta Force is one of the most secretive organizations in the U.S. military but by aggregating information from dozens of sources Chris has put together a big picture that will give readers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at this unit. For sure this is just a small sampling of what is really going on behind the curtain, but until these missions are declassified, this is the best information you are likely to find on the topic." - Jack Murphy, former Ranger and Special Forces Sergeant.

April 28
Chris Martin
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Kevinandlindsey ,


To the guy that called this a brochure and not a book guess what... it’s post 9-11 , you’re complaining because you don’t learn about The Units operations. NDAs are signed, so you keep your mouth shut about operations or you spend your life in a hole. You can endanger others when you release information that in the public and media hands could destroy future operations & put former CAG operatives and their families lives at risk. Don’t buy anything that says it’s going to tell you about Delta. It’s going to be vague & pretty much what they want you to know. Look at it this way. You now know $.99 more about Delta than you did before you spent it. Go read a book on SEALs if you want details about how to be a phony SEAL. Just watch out for Don Shipley! Good luck!

Reader101$ ,

Shaping the World from the Shadows: The (Open) Seceret History of Delta Force Post-9/11

This should be called a brochure, rather than a book. First of all it is only 49 pages plus 10 pages of foot notes and secondly, it offers a minimal amount of information about Delta Force and their operations. My singular satisfaction is that I paid only .99 cents.

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