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From the bestselling author of Jaws comes a firsthand guide to one of the most feared—and often misunderstood—animals: sharks!

In direct and accessible prose, Peter Benchley sets the record straight about the many types of sharks (including the ones that pose a genuine threat to us), the behavior of sharks and other sea creatures we fear, the odds against an attack, and how to improve them even further. He also teaches us how to swim safely in the ocean by reading the tides and currents and respecting all the inhabitants. Here are the lessons Peter has learned, the mistakes he has made, the danger he has faced—and the spectacular sights he has seen in the world’s largest environment. The book includes 16 pages of black-and-white photographs.

Young Adult
April 26
Random House Children's Books
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Joemit ,

About sharks and naivety

no one can complain about Mr. Benchley's writing abilities or about his knowledge of sharks and experience with the ocean. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about his adventures with friends and family in and under the oceans of the world when I purchased "Shark Trouble" several years ago. One can tell from those adventures he is a man of courage. I never would have believed he had enough courage, though, to essentially rearrange a few chapters and sell me the same book under a new title; "Shark Trouble". Wow! Am I naive.

you amazin ,

I love sharks

If you don’t love sharks you are a monster they kill about 100 humans a year while we kill 100,000,000 of them and they are scared of us

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