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Vincent Hudson

Bad Boy? F*ck yeah!

Disowned? I didn’t need them anyway.

Man with a temper? Keep looking at me like that and you’ll find out.

I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress and though when I met Thea she is anything but helpless, I can’t help but think she will be my downfall.

When the red curtain of rage falls over my eyes I’m unable stop myself. The anger that builds up inside me demands an outlet: a punching bag, a man’s face… In my line of business the reputation of being a savage can come in extremely handy. 

But this time I went too far.

And one gratifying act, protecting what is mine, could mean a lifetime in prison.

Thea Reagan

Good girl? Always.

Loyal daughter? Without a doubt.

Hiding a scandalous secret? Only when night falls.

I put up a good act, hiding my true self beneath a wholesome mask. But as the daughter of a High Court Judge I must be extremely careful, and the men I entertain must be relied upon to be discreet.

However, everything changes when Vincent, my stepbrother, comes into my life. Rugged, handsome and downright dirty, he’s a far cry from the rich businessmen I’ve set my sights on. But he inadvertently sets in motion a chain of horrid events that sends my world into a dangerous spin.

The scandal would ruin me, embarrass my father and lower his opinion of me.

Bribed, threatened, and used, I’m trapped and can see no way out… I can’t ask for help and yet Vincent is now my only hope to deliver the final blow.

This is a story of a Good Girl gone bad. And a Bad Boy foolishly trying to do good.

Shark is a full length contemporary Bad Boy Stepbrother romance novel in Emilia Beaumont’s Forbidden Desires series. Perfect for fans of Lauren Blakely, Marquita Valentine, and Vi Keeland.

February 14
Beaumont Ink
Beaumont Ink

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