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Sharkless Shark Fin Soup, A Chinese American's story to Preserve Traditions the Right Way, is a special book. The idea for this book came to me while enjoying my Mom's cooking, and spending time with my family, and trying to learn the traditional cooking that has been carried over from my parents childhoods, and our Chinese traditions.
Growing up in Southern California as a Chinese American, I wanted to record the traditions, and like most cultures it is was through traditional foods. This is a story about my experience growing up as a Chinese American, and the obstacles, and advantages that I experienced, it is by no means a sad story about hardship, but a celebration of my life, of what I was able to learn, and accomplish. I followed my Mother around in her kitchen and snapped photos of her.
This is the first installment of my project called "Surf Soup".
All of my projects including this one will bring awareness to the people, and Ocean related charities, that care about making change, to causes, and the protection of our ocean animals like sharks, dolphins, coral reef, the environment, and related.
My family and many others are keeping the traditions alive, but we evolve, with what is right. We do not need to cut off the fins of sharks, and throw them in back in the ocean to die. We can have "Shark-less Fin Soup". The Chinese traditions continue, in the right way. Change happens, and it is up to us to stop this finning. The senseless killing of the sharks need to stop. Proceeds of this book goes to ocean related charities, and more.
I hope you enjoy this wonderful collection of photos, and the story of my life as an first generation Chinese American.

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April 3

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