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This picture book is a great teaching tool for your little one and for you. It is like a dictionary of sharks for everybody. The pictures are clear, the colors are nice, and the sharks are clearly labelled with its name. If you are ready to challenge your mind and prove to everyone that you are the king of shark knowledge, then pick up this book and prepare for the ultimate trivia experience. Test your fact knowledge as you look at some of the most captivating facts about sharks.
Do you know that?
The whale shark is the largest fish. No fish is bigger than this 40-foot-long whale shark. The 30-foot-long basking shark is the second largest.
Bull sharks are one of the only species that can live in fresh water.
Sharks seem to be more threatened by vertical height than length, and quick, sudden movements are more likely to provoke attack.
There is a shark called the Dumb Shark. It is also called the False Cat-shark. It can grow up to 10 feet long and lives in deep, cold waters.
The pelagic thresher shark's tail is nearly as long as its body. Nearly half of this shark's 20-foot length includes its tail.
Whale sharks don't chew their food. Inside a whale shark's mouth are 3,000 to 5,000 teeth, arranged in rows. However, each tooth is so small it is useless for biting or chewing.
The jaws of bigger sharks are about twice as powerful as the jaws of a lion.
Basking sharks suck in more than 10,000 quarts of plankton-filled water an hour.
Baby sharks are born with sharp teeth and the ability hunt right from the start.
Sharks can see almost as well behind them as they can in front.
As you read this book over and over to your child it won't be long before they are the ones pointing to the picture and telling you what it is. The author Katy Gleit wrote this book for her own two grandchildren. In "Sharks: 101 Illustrated Fun Facts " your children are given a well-selected knowledge along with entertaining information about these creatures. In addition, a set of wonderful pictures show exactly what a sharks looks like.

Young Adult
November 3
Osmora Inc.
Osmora Inc.

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