Shark's Edge

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Every great dream begins with a dreamer…

Sebastian Shark is on the verge of realizing his dream. The Edge—the most luxurious Los Angeles skyscraper ever conceived—will be his legacy, an icon to dominate LA’s skyline just as Shark dominates its boardrooms.

Self-made businesswoman Abbigail Gibson is on a trajectory toward massive success, but to get there, she must navigate the egos of her demanding clients—particularly the driven and obstinate Shark, who possesses the special talent of aggravating and arousing her within the same breath.

They are a collision of chemistry, but is their potent attraction toward each other worth losing sight of their ultimate goals? Taking a bite of passion has never carried more risk—or promised sweeter reward.

Fate has other ideas, however, as Sebastian is targeted by unknown enemies and Abbi is caught in the fray. Will the danger draw them closer or drive them apart?

December 10
Waterhouse Press
Waterhouse Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

O.U.A.A. ,

Passion is risky between the two, resistance is being tested but nothing is hotter then when they co

We're introduced to the no non-sense, viscous, dominating Sebastian Shark that tramples through everything and anyone. Controls his entire surrounding till they bend to his will from his ivory tower that's built his success.

Than he meets Abbigail Gibson. Passion collides and chemistry has never been hotter. We see a side to both characters that only those close to them will see. Compassion, Passion is risky between the two, resistance is being tested but nothing is hotter then when they come together. Definitely leaves you wanting more. Onto book two.

*ARC received in exchange for honest review

nixswope ,

Gotta love the Alpha Male

I love the characters in this book. Yes even though Sebastian is not the nicest of men I love him. I love how he loves his sister and niece. I loved how he protects them and stands up for people he thinks needs it and I really love Abigail for him. Abigail is young but incredibly focused on making her dream and her mothers dream come true. Abigail becomes incredibly enamored with the mysterious Sebastian Shark, something that appears to be mutual. Unfortunately Shark's world is not always the nicest place. Part one in a 3 part series definitely ends on a cliff hanger but I am eager to read (and listen) to the next parts.

gingin615 ,

A fabulous sensual dance with a side of mystery.

Right from the start the push/pull between the jaded billionaire and the innocence sandwich girl drew me in and I couldn't put it down. The writing was terrific and the characters just spectacular, even the secondary characters of family and friends. Sebastian is a self-made successful businessman on a mission to rule LA real estate and dominate the skyline with his new building, Shark's Edge. He has little time for women much less a real relationship and certainly no desire for anything but a one-time stress reliever. But he is enamored with the beautiful, young business owner who brings his lunch to his office everyday. Abbi is a Irish beauty with an undesirable penance for crying when she gets angry and oh boy does the devilishly handsome billionaire get under her skin with his brusque, rude behavior. Why do her tears turn him on? And why does she respond to his commanding orders? Ooh, hot! A recipe for a breathtaking romance between the older hunk, Bas and the lovely virgin, Abbi. Just as they are moving toward a good place it appears someone is set on taking the powerful businessman down in a big way. As Bas and Abbi investigate the mysterious events that put Bas in a bad light it turns dangerous. The ending wasn't really a big cliffhanger it just ended abruptly with a lot of dangling questions for the next story. Who's out to get Bas? What about Abbi and Bas's budding relationship? Will Bas get to finish his building, Edge? Will Abbi realize her dream of owning a restaurant? Terrific storyline with loads of sexual tension between the wonderfully feisty, Abbigail and the deliciously sexy, Sebastian, and a mystery with danger and suspense. I can't wait for the next installment. Absolutely fantastic!

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