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Sharks & More Sharks

By Annie Crawley

Published by Dive Into Your Imagination 2012

Sharks & More Sharks takes you on a visual journey to explore sharks around the world with stories, photos, & high definition video. You will experience whales sharks, hammerhead sharks, white tip reef sharks, grey reefs, nurse sharks and more. Learn about how sharks move, why they school, and other fascinating facts about these amazing creatures. Sharks in this book were filmed and photographed around the world in Galapagos, Cocos Islands, Yap, Palau, Belize, California, Indonesia and other destinations around the world. Written and produced by award winning author Annie Crawley.

Science & Nature
September 12
Dive Into Your Imagination, LLC
Dive Into Your Imagination, LLC

Customer Reviews

tsbodle ,

Creative, Interesting and Educational

This is a great book that provides much-needed education about sharks while being fun to read. The interactive nature of the book makes it unique and interesting and Annie Crawley's photographs and videos imbedded within each page are spectacular. My kids continue to argue about who gets to "play with" (read) this book - it's a favorite during car rides!

Gigi Diver ,


Awesome book. Amazing photos and excellent use of interactivity on the pages. Very well done! Sharks are so important to our world and Annie "Ocean Annie" Crawley is a powerful, yet entertaining, force for sharks and all sea life.

Lauraismile ,

Not just for kids

This offering is so interactive and filled with interesting facts. Your kids are going to love the pictures and you will appreciate learning a lot more about sharks. Annie's passion for the ocean's inhabitants shines through the entire "book". I hesitate to call it a book because it's much more than that. It gives you opportunities to watch beautiful video, stills and read informative text. Beautiful use of the media.

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