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We were supposed to have a home now, with walls and floors. The constant traveling, trying to outrun nature was going to be over. We were going to build a life that resembled what we had lost, full of peace and the pursuit of happiness. We'd earned it.

Then all of the dreams that had held us through the nightmares shattered against the stone. We lost our hope, our home, and half of our members in the attempt. Now, outlasting death long enough to reach Kendle's island is all that remains for us and even that isn't certain.

"The future, cold and dark, offers little comfort. Without change, there can be no peace. Only survivors."

Need to Know Information

Title: Shattered Dreams

Length: 834 pages

Author: ©Angela White

Publisher: C9 Publications

ISBN#: 978-1-945927-65-2

Next in series: Dearly Departed (Book 8) Life After War

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 29
Angela White
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

kscutter ,

Life after war

Great Story, have really enjoyed them so far only hope I am still alive when you finally finish the story. Aim 65 and disabled with bad heart.

1007ou812 ,

Life after war #9..Shattered Dreams

I believe this to be my favorite LAW book to date!! Ms White has developed and expanded an amazing tale of post-apocalyptic life. combining sci-fi & fantasy with a Great story and strong characters makes for a fun fast page turning read!! much looking foreword to the next book in the series.....

I love to color ,

Shattered Dreams

I love law series , I started reading as soon as woke up this morning and have finished now at almost three this morning , I don't want it end and now I have to a while for the next one :( but wait I will and enjoy every word .

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