Shattered Hearts of Carolina Romance Series Collection

Splinter of Hope, Shred of Decency, Sliver of Truth

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Three heartbreakingly honest and angsty love stories in one romance collection…

A birthday gift leads to a life-changing confession, an assault survivor finds comfort in the arms of a surprising friend, and a single dad proves to a stripper there’s more to falling in love than meets the eye.

—Splinter of Hope—

What does anyone know about love at eighteen?

All I was sure of was how much I loved my daughter… and giving her away destroyed me.

Because back then the only labels I wore proved I was unwanted.

Since we met, Trig has stood by my side. A protector. A lover.

A splinter of hope that my arms won’t always be empty.

He says he loves me, and I finally have the desire to lay my secrets bare.

Except giving Trig another reason to walk away feels a lot like sacrificing our future… And I’ve already made one decision that shattered my heart.

—Shred of Decency (Bonus Chapter included!)

It’s my word against his, and understanding the risk of someone finding out what happened to me is a hard pill to swallow.

When the pain and loneliness becomes unbearable, I run into the most unlikely person capable of stopping my world from caving in… A decent man, who spent time behind bars.

No one believes Morgan has much to offer anymore, not even him.

But this once? I know better.

Morgan is looking for a fresh start too. I rely on his friendship while learning how to feel safe again. Yet the closer we get, the more I question how often the punishment fits the crime.

—Sliver of Truth  (Bonus Chapter included!)

A stripper. A handyman. An impossible secret. Is it love or lust? And what happens when a mill girl breaks the cardinal rule?

Men beg to touch my body. Yet, Dusty’s moves against mine in unspeaking eloquence.

My heart stammers when we’re alone and he growls my name.

I hate that I love the strength of his arms.

I love that I hate it too. The feeling keeps me sane because when we’re apart doubt creeps in.

I’m ashamed to admit my fears about what happens if everyone finds out we’ve been hooking up. Along with the guilt, comes the horrible thoughts I shouldn't have about Dusty’s disability.

Perhaps those emotions are a sign I’m not a good person and there is a sliver of truth that I don’t deserve a better life.

After all, what would a single dad really want with a woman who took her clothes off to get to where she is?

Jody Kaye, the creator of the Kingsbrier Quintuplets, presents the Shattered Hearts of Carolina Romance Series Collection, a steamy southern romance series set in the heart of North Carolina. From adoption, addiction, and assault to disability bias, these emotionally charged novels follow how the impact of a single event can shatter a life.


The thought-provoking journeys of strong heroines and obsessive antiheroes are told in the relatable, captivating style readers have come to adore. And the depth of dimensional characters live up to the expectations set in her previous small town romance books.

With strength and determination to overcome the odds, be prepared for the Mill Girls’ love stories to tear at your heartstrings and their friendships to weave their way into your soul!

**These books contain sensitive scenarios that may trigger readers.

November 8
Jody Kaye
Jody Kaye

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