#1 - Damaged Hearts


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He's trouble. She's falling apart.

I should have known he was trouble when I watched him drive his motorbike onto campus, leaving a trail of people whispering as he made his way into the Art Building.
Word around here is, he doesn't date. So why do his eyes keep following me? Why does he want to talk to me?
Rumor has it, Hunter's good at two things: making art, and getting into fights. I love art, but I can't stand violence. I've been on the receiving end of it too many times.
My life is simple, it needs to be if I want to graduate and keep my eating disorder at bay… I sleep, I eat, I go to class and I definitely Do. Not. Date.

So why do I feel so safe in his strong arms?

She's like a spooked little mouse. Not my type at all. Until she looked up at me and I was caught in her azure eyes.
But I won't let her get close. In the last four years, I've lost everyone I've ever loved. I will never trust anyone ever again. The second I do, I'll find myself alone again. So, what's the use?
So I create big metal installations, I go to class when I feel like it, I drink and get into fights at the bar.
I have to stay away from Lizzy, because my darkness will only make hers worse. I know I have to, but that isn't what my heart wants. When I see the pain in her eyes, I can't resist her. I want to help her, touch her…

Protect her.

This is a standalone full length New Adult romance with a boy dealing with loss and a girl who battles anorexia, but they're still able to get their Happy Ever After (and no cheating).

This book was originally published as Hunter (Broken Bad Boys 1), there are no changes to the story, only to the title, cover and formatting.

November 2
Easily Distracted Media
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

LisanneH ,

Teen angst

Teen angst.

Litzy has an eating disorder.
Hunter is busy drinking and fighting.
He’s scared of potential loss.
Litzy hates violence.

They are both dinged and damaged.
Maybe too much teen angst for me.


Dan_knee ,

Great writing

I love when an author approaches a sensitive topic with knowledge. Skylar Heart knows how to write thoughts and ideas with clarity in each topic that she approached in this book. The story had heavy emotions about mental illness, pain, abuse, and death.

Hunter and Lizzy are trapped in darkness. Hunter is blinded by pain from the death of the women he thought he was going to the spend the rest of his life with. He is drowning in guilt, believing it was his fault. He is hiding his pain with drinking, and fighting random strangers at the bar. Lizzy has been an anorexic for most of her life, and she's trying to overcome the abuse from her ex-boyfriend. They recognized each others brokenness, connected through art, and became each others salvation.

The plot was realistic and intensely tragic. It was easy to feel connected to both Hunter and Lizzy pain. The story builds gradually and you learn about each character as they're struggling in everyday life. Skylar Heart created strong vulnerable characters that touched my heart. The details of each character painted a clear picture in my mind too. I experienced Hunter and Lizzy's emotions with them, and I felt like I was fighting their struggles with them.

There was a few things I wish were different. There wasn’t a very strong HEA. I was rooting for them the entire time, but the last chapter they still had a fragile relationship. I wanted to know, for sure, that they would be able to make it after everything they had been through. I was also wondering what happened to Lizzy's friend, Hanna. She seemed like she was dropped half way through. That being said, I enjoyed this book, and I'm excited to see what else Skylar Heart will write.

I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an ARC of this story.

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