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Tiara Brookes has no choice to step up but to the plate of being single mother after her boyfriend, A' Quan Billings, gets himself and her locked up behind a drug charge. A'Quan takes full responsibility of the incident and Tiara is released, but she is not left to raise their two kids alone. Tiara is devastated. Even, though she knew that Quan was bad news from the start, she still loved him and gave him her heart. Getting arrested changed Tiara's outlook on life and men. She vowed to never love a bad boy again.

Six years later, Tiara makes good on her promise to herself. It was a struggle to raise her kids alone but she put the S on her chest and prevailed. But just like most women, she couldn't do everything alone. Her money was low and her car decided to break down on the side of the road. Tiara felt like giving up until the clouds open and God sent her and angel, or so she thought at first.

Omega West, a sexy poetic and business tycoon stops to help her on the side of the road. Tiara is elated. He is fine and handy and instantly Tiara is head over heels. He may not be the normal thug that Tiara usually attracts, but he is full of secrets and baggage stemming from the mysterious disappearances of his recent and past love interests.
Tiara's best friend, Mercedes, sees the damning signs early on but Tiara chooses to ignore them. In her eyes Omega is everything that she wants in a man and to top it off his is not a bad boy. Or is he?

Find out Tiara's fate in this roller coaster thriller full of twists and turns. Maybe she should have just stuck with the thug.

Fiction & Literature
August 10
Sullivan Group Publishing, LLC
Ingram DV LLC

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