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Pull up a chair, power up your favorite reading device and take this wild journey with the poets.


She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony is a poetry anthology brought to you by four female poets from two continents - Australia & the United States. She Too offers a poetic glimpse of the gifts and tragedies found while cultivating a glorious existence. There are magical moments and moments that tease a tear within this diverse anthology.


She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony is an anthology that captures a variety of life experiences created to celebrate National Poetry Month, April, 2014.


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“In She Too, Delaina, Rosemary, Leigh and Helen have created an intriguing blend of female voices from a diverse range of life experience and backgrounds. Reading it, you will find yourself in joy & pain, mourning, amused & in love. Their poetry is alive — which is about the best thing I can say.” 

–Brian Miller, owner dVerse Poets Pub


“Love, nature, life, death and a hint of witchery cast a spell over the poems in this compendium of work by four international poets. She Too opens the door on a conversation being held by four very different writers who have found common ground and, as the subtitle suggests, "almost" harmony. Pop culture, memory, sexuality and even beloved pets mark the entry points for this accessible collection of poetry.”

–Collin Kelley, author of the collections Render and Slow to Burn

"The poets are great story-tellers as well as lyricists, unwinding narratives that both amuse and enlighten." 

–Karin Gustafson, author of 1 Mississippi, Going on Somewhere, Nose Dive, and (soon) Nice, who blogs as Manicddaily, http://Manicddaily.wordpress.com and is one of the team of presenters at dVerse Poets Pub 

"Each poet has her own distinct voice and I enjoyed the sensation of feeling as if I was becoming part of their group as I learned to recognise each voice and share the experiences and emotions expressed." 

–Michele Brenton, poet, novelist and editor, whose Fifty Shades of Blue was a Kindle poetry best-seller. Michele also writes humorous verse as Banana the Poet. 


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