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If you like psychological crime fiction packed with action and suspense, you'll love She-Venger.

Two Murders. Are they related? Detective Dirk Morecombe ponders the motivation. Does a third body provide a clue? A female suspect emerges with whom Dirk becomes involved against his better judgement. As he closes in on the search for proof, the terms change and the hunter may become the hunted.

The Back Story

After losing both parents in a car wreck, young Marta Zelic ends up in state care. Forced to grow up quickly, she eventually runs off to the city she is befriended by a prostitute who introduces her to the trade. Happy for a while, Marta's life is ripped apart once more when a knife-ripped, naked body of her close friend and mentor was discovered on a roadside clearing. The killer was sent to prison and Marta prepared to wait as long as it would take to have her revenge.

Dirk Morecombe, the detective in both cases, is convinced Marta is the vengeful killer of the man found dead and degraded in a roadside clearing but complications in the case make it hard to establish proof of guilt.

Detective in a Dilemma

Even as he seeks the proof that will convict Marta, he becomes emotionally entangled with her, leading to moments he wishes he could have controlled which cause him to doubt himself as a top detective.

They come together in a bitter struggle for the final confrontation.

Will he arrest her?

Is there enough evidence to convict?

Who will win the final exchange?

This gritty hard-boiled detective thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. Click the Look Inside feature and start reading the first chapter now.

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October 19
Draft2Digital, LLC

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