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They emerge from the shadows, to claim the night ….

Women from around the world delve into Lovecraftian depths, penning and illustrating a variety of Weird horrors. The pale and secretive Lavinia wanders through the woods, Asenath is a precocious teenager with an attitude, and the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Nitocris has found a new body in distant America. And do you have time to hear a word from our beloved mother Shub-Niggurath?

Defiant, destructive, terrifying, and harrowing, the women in She Walks in Shadows are monsters and mothers, heroes and devourers. Observe them in all their glory. Iä! Iä!

Fiction & Literature
October 13
Innsmouth Free Press
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Prairie_Dog ,

Lovecraftian Fiction by and About Women

“She Walks in Shadows” is modern Lovecraftian fiction by women authors, and featuring women as point of view characters. It’s a refreshing and high quality collection of modern Cthulhu Mythos short stories. In addition to the very good literary works by women, there are some really nice illustrations by women artists. The whole package is such a darkly wonderful collection that it is no wonder that it won the World Fantasy Award.

There are many new works in the Cthulhu Mythos in recent years. These works are often interesting new takes on the Old Ones and their minions. This volume covers stories from ancient Roman times, to modern European microbiology laboratories. The reader will no doubt find some more moving than others, which is the way with anthologies. However, I think all of these stories are very interesting and readable. The editors have done an excellent job of selection, placement, and adding artwork to enhance the volume. Definitely recommended for those who enjoy modern tales of cosmic horror.

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