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When Natalie gets into trouble at the elite Westchester Academy and her acceptance into medical school is threatened, the sly old headmaster arranges for her reform, something that is whispered about in hushed tones by the women who have heard about the horrible places where others have been sent to be disciplined.


"You will do as I say or you’ll find yourself living in a cold dormitory in Siberia for the remainder of your college career.”

Natalie gulped.  She didn’t know where Siberia was but going there was always a threat at the school.  Some said it was an empty threat but she wasn’t willing to find out.  She pulled loose, slinging her purse over her shoulder, and lifted her head in mock arrogance.

Trying to soften his tone a little, the headmaster added, “Our benefactors are very generous and they will be especially so with a woman as beautiful as you.”

Eyeing him suspiciously, Natalie stood her ground.  “Not interested.”

“Are you sure?  The money could really help your mother.  She isn’t as, well, comfortable, since your father walked out on her.”

Headmaster Nichols knew exactly what strings to pull to make the young woman feel guilty, and bringing her mother into the equation was particularly hurtful.

“How much money?”


Within the quietness of the expansive chamber, Natalie heard faint groaning noises emanating from behind one of the partitions at the farthest end of the room.  As quietly as possible, she tiptoed closer to the source of the noise.  She saw a woman and a man kissing each other in a heated passionate embrace.  The man she recognized as one of the servants and she knew she should look away, but her feet felt glued to the floor.  She waited, wanting to see more of this wanton display.

The Sheik noticed her standing there, but he did not approach her yet.  He looked down at the button on Natalie’s faded jeans, an article of clothing not approved of here, and the look he gave her indicated that she was to take them off.

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March 28
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Ahuchel09 ,

Sheik exposure

It was a good story but it wasn't long enough!! You need to continue the story!!

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