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Blythe Coopman never imagined she’d be homeless, but a series of events has landed her on San Antonio’s streets…hungry, tired, and scared. She clings to her most precious possession, a phone accidentally swiped from a local firefighter, who, instead of canceling the number, starts texting her. Soon, the man’s calls and texts are the highlight of her days, but she declines his frequent offers of help. Blythe refuses to be his burden—until a vicious attack takes the decision out of her hands.

When the woman he’s already begun to care for ends up in the ER, Sawyer “Squirrel” McClay is livid—and ashamed. He should have insisted she accept his help long ago. Now, he’s not taking no for an answer. While his friends rally round Blythe, Squirrel’s bond with her grows stronger by the day, until he realizes he’ll do anything to keep her safe, healthy, and happy…even as his own lifelong insecurities work against him.

But despite leaving the streets behind, Blythe and Sawyer discover old dangers still linger, threatening to end the couple’s new bliss before it’s barely begun.

** Shelter for Blythe is the 11th book in the Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

June 19
Stoker Aces Production, LLC
Stoker Aces Production LLC

Customer Reviews

Rtbbenson ,

Another Beat Seller!

Susan Stoker wrote this amazing story of Blythe Coopman and Sawyer “Squirrel” McClay. This story has all of the elements that we love in Susan Stoker stories. this story also has a few twists, as well as updates on other couples in the badge of honor series. the drama part of the story is so awesomely done! I never saw the ending to the drama coming...at all! Erin Mallon, the narrator, did such an amazing job at narrating the story. she acts out the story so well. I love her as a narrator! you so need to read/listen to the story. we haven’t heard too much about squirrel before the story, but his story is so well done. Susan did such a great job writing about homelessness and and all that it encompasses. Susan Stoker did a wonderful job making you feel throughout this book. also wait until you find out how he got the nickname squirrel... it is so worth it and so original of a reason!

Marie-ann28 ,

Shelter for Blythe

This book was great! I was waiting to read this book for awhile. It makes you fall in love with Blythe and Squirrel. I think I love squirrel the most because he has insecurities like everyone. Too much in romance books they have this ideal perfect man that isn’t real. If you are thinking about reading this it is a must read!
This series is one of my favorite to read! Every book is amazing and I can’t wait to read the next one. The only problem I ever have is waiting for the next one to come out! If you like this series check out other books this author writes she has amazing other series too!

Kahea46/Books n Wine Blog ,

All. The. Feels.

***5 Stars***

All. The. Feels.

Not that I expected any less, I really didn’t, but Blythe and Sawyer seemed to make my heart swoon and break so many times throughout this book that I lost count, and that doesn’t even take into account the rest of the BoHTH crew and how they all rally in this one. This book was pretty much everything.

I adored both Blythe and Sawyer aka Squirrel. Blythe is strong, intelligent and despite all that she has gone through still has a heart of gold. After finding out all that she had been through I couldn’t help but admire the woman and loved watching as she worked through a whole myriad of issues to get back on her feet and take her future by the horns. Sawyer was all kinds of nummyness. He’s got that alpha AF thing going on and yet is man enough to know when to step to the side and not dictate on how one should do things, even when it drives him BScraycray. He also has a few...insecurities that made it all at once easy to connect with him, even as I wanted to Gibbs smack some sense into him.

Blythe and Sawyer’s journey started out in a unique way and I loved how it turned into a friendship, even if it wasn’t done in a conventional way ~ though to be honest, in this day and age it isn’t really all that unconventional. But once they finally have the opportunity to actually be physically around each other things really take off and I loved watching as they met each obstacle and worked through them together, even if that ‘togetherness’ was simply standing by the other and letting them know they’d be there to help if it was needed. They saw beyond the physical, beyond their circumstances, and all the way to who the other truly was and it made it blatantly obvious how well they fit together in every way, and I mean every because the smexy was 5 alarm fire HAWT!

This was simply another great addition to Ms. Stoker’s already get list of books. She does tackle a few issues that impact our society today, and as she does in all her books, handles it with care and respect. And as for the rest of the BoHTH crew, I loved how they rallied in this one. I have stated this before, I haven’t read all the books in this particular series (and you don’t have to in order to enjoy this book ~ it can be read as a standalone), but I really like all of them, even if I can’t always keep who’s who straight, and really liked all that they brought to the table in helping Blythe and Sawyer. And as for that epilogue...I cannot wait for Justice for Hope!

~ Copy provided by RockStarLit & voluntarily reviewed ~

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