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Elizabeth Parkins lived through a nightmare come true—getting kidnapped by a serial killer. Seeking a fresh start, she moves to Texas, but escaping her demons proves impossible when she’s too terrified to leave her own apartment. A small, accidental fire sparks a coping method she’d never expected, and brings an amazing man to her door.

Firefighter Cade “Sledge” Turner’s idyllic life ended the day his sister was kidnapped. Now he knows firsthand that tragedy can befall anyone, at any time. Meeting Elizabeth on the job was a gift. Cade can envision spending his life with this woman. He understands what she’s been through, is willing to help her heal…though even Cade is unaware of Beth’s new secret obsession.

As Beth takes steps to help herself heal, and Cade attempts to earn her trust and prove his own, they’re both about to be tested—in a way that could see everything they’ve worked for go up in flames.

* Shelter for Elizabeth is the 5th book in the Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

May 17
Stoker Aces Production, LLC
Stoker Aces Production LLC

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LuLuHB1808 ,

Shelter for Elizabeth

Great read! Loved he love story between Beth and Cade. Is there a book about Penelope is the works? Thanks.

Cheryl SDS ,


This is book 5 in the Badge of Honor Texas Heroes series and it's another great one to add to Susan Stoker's growing list of awesome reads. This book is about Elizabeth Perkins, kidnapping victim in "Protecting Summer" and firefighter, Cade "Sledge" Turner. After being in the same therapy group with Penelope Turner from "Protecting the Future", Beth meets Pen's brother Cade and the story takes off from there. Can Beth allow Cade to strap himself down with a woman who is afraid to leave her own house?

This is a great story that deals with Beth's agoraphobic life after the traumatizing kidnapping she endured. Pen and Cade are so great with her.
Beth's got A LOT of issues to get through and IF Cade is willing to stand with her, they could have a future together. I had a hard time imagining an agoraphobic and an outdoor lover being together. Read this emotional story of the possibility of meeting the one but holding back because circumstances are way less than ideal. The book seemed to stretch out a little slowly from beginning to mid point but picked up speed toward the end.

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Rtbbenson ,

Susan Stoker out did herself with this book (as always)!

This is the story of a woman who has a very brutal past. So brutal that she has agoraphobia. While she battles this earth shattering fear and anxiety…a sexy as hell alpha man shows up to help and sees her, really SEES her. He is a very sweet and tender hero, and while he is really helping her with her fear, she does take some pretty big steps backwards.
She also has this wonderful talent! She is a hacker extraordinaire!! As part of her progress and healing, she lives to hack into fortune 500 companies and even Paypal (lol), just to show herself she could do it.
With all of this wonderful story taking place… the hero does need to save his woman.
Can he save her??
Do they get their happily ever after??
Read this 5th story in the Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes series!! It would also help if you first read the story “Protecting Summer” from the Seal of Protection series first.

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