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She’s shy, he’s stoic…not the hardest personality traits to overcome, but Sophie Carson and Roman “Chief” Proudfit definitely have their work cut out for them.

Sophie has a crush on the silent-but-studly firefighter next door. She’s been pining away silently while secretly helping the hardworking man by mowing his lawn—which he thinks is being done by her nonexistent husband and/or boyfriend. He’s definitely not big on neighborly chitchat, but with her stutter, that suits Sophie just fine. But now a misunderstanding at a bar has put him even further out of her reach.

Roman’s difficult upbringing on an Indian reservation is a sore spot, so when he thinks Sophie is taking advantage of poor people for medical trials at her workplace, he lets her know exactly what he thinks. But when he discovers he misunderstood, he’s man enough to admit it…and also admit he should have opened his eyes to his beautiful, sensitive neighbor sooner. 

As the couple gets closer, each helping the other overcoming lifelong pains, for the first time in years, Roman has something to live for other than his job. And, as he discovers when Sophie puts herself in danger, something even bigger to lose…

August 15
Stoker Aces Production
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Customer Reviews

Rtbbenson ,

Another Best Seller has FINALLY arrived!!

This story starts off with a bang! Everyone is at a bar (at their own tables of course). 1 of them overhears (eavesdrops actually) on the other and you can imagine what fun Susan Stoker had with us there. It just gets better and better from there. The entire book has a great flow to it and the audio version is OUTSTANDING! Erin the narrator did an outstanding job with Sofies stutter.

There are so many cumbs/crumbles, Easter Eggs, clues (whatever you like to call them) throughout this book for things to come.

You Will NOT regret reading this story at all!!!

Crystal P.N. ,

The wait is finally over

When we met Chief in the last book in the Badge of Honor series I knew I couldn’t wait for his book to come out. He didn’t disappoint! I enjoyed this book a lot and I love a heroine that even with a disability (a stutter) she doesn’t let it affect her daily life. The hero also doesn’t let a misunderstand get in the way of getting the girl and makes him take a look at himself to realize he judge wrongly.

You also don’t have to have read the other books in the series to enjoy this one. They are all standalone books with friends finding their HEAs.

PipsMom ,

A new favorite

This is book 8 of the Badge of Honor series; while this book works well as a standalone, due to appearances by characters from earlier books as well as (brief) references to some of those storylines, I'd recommend reading the series in order to get maximum enjoyment from this story.

I've been eagerly awaiting this book for a while now, really since first being introduced to Roman, that enigmatic Native American firefighter who doesn't mind that his nickname is "Chief". I was a little concerned that his leading lady wouldn't match up but Sophie more than held her own, and I loved the way she was willing to go toe-to-toe when needed whether advocating for the burn patients she worked with or homeless people she'd befriended, just like she wasn't afraid to tell off Roman when he deserved it, all in spite of her shyness.

As for Roman, I think I'd have to say he's my favorite in a long line of yummy leading men from this author. A sexy firefighter who's not afraid to admit when he's wrong, protective and caring, hiding a vulnerability of his own under that stoic exterior, well, he was just about irresistible. Add in the intriguing cultural background and I was completely hooked.

With two extraordinary main characters, a well-paced storyline utilizing Roman's Native American heritage that kept me engaged, plus a whole host of great secondary characters both new and old, this is a new favorite from this author. 5 stars.

B2B Kelly

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