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She’s shy, he’s stoic…not the hardest personality traits to overcome, but Sophie Carson and Roman “Chief” Proudfit definitely have their work cut out for them.

Sophie has a crush on the silent-but-studly firefighter next door. She’s been pining away silently while secretly helping the hardworking man by mowing his lawn—which he thinks is being done by her nonexistent husband and/or boyfriend. He’s definitely not big on neighborly chitchat, but with her stutter, that suits Sophie just fine. But now a misunderstanding at a bar has put him even further out of her reach.

Roman’s difficult upbringing on an Indian reservation is a sore spot, so when he thinks Sophie is taking advantage of poor people for medical trials at her workplace, he lets her know exactly what he thinks. But when he discovers he misunderstood, he’s man enough to admit it…and also admit he should have opened his eyes to his beautiful, sensitive neighbor sooner. 

As the couple gets closer, each helping the other overcoming lifelong pains, for the first time in years, Roman has something to live for other than his job. And, as he discovers when Sophie puts herself in danger, something even bigger to lose…

August 15
Stoker Aces Production
Stoker Aces Production LLC

Customer Reviews

Jbean168 ,


I really enjoyed Sophie and Chief's story! Their story is interesting, engaging and sexy. The best part about reading this story for me, was learning some of Chief's background and Navajo traditions and superstition. Sophie had my heart right off the bat! That girl rocks!! What she does helping burn victim is awesome! I love this author's stories and this one did not disappoint!

sbsbrinson ,

Great story

Really good storyline and characters. Chief meets Sophie and is immediately intrigued but not sure she is a good person because he totally misunderstood something that was said. He soon learns Sophie’s true and good heart and knows he has found the other half of his soul. Intrigue, greed, and a great love all are part of this story.

Rebelliously fly ,


There were a lot of gross stereotypical things for characters that were unnecessary. I read the sample and had to turn the book away. The black child and his mom were poorly represented first of all. The author made the mom a single mom who gave birth as a teen and the father died from what the character “guesses” to be gang violence? GUESSES? Like how do you just guess that? Because they’re black? To mention that the character was black was necessary but to create that backstory was ridiculous. AND THE NAMES? Are we serious!

I had to absolutely stop when it came to the mentally challenged janitor whose happy but with a “low IQ”. Like why? Why is this necessary? I just couldn’t stop cringing and I had to give up.

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