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Lawson Edwards has been running for so long, she can’t remember what it’s like to have a normal life. Destitute, living in her car, this former stripper hits Suttontowne and lands a job as a waitress at Outlaws. It’s only temporary until she gets enough cash to run again. Staying in one place too long wasn’t safe. But when Ethan Fairchild finds her after she faints from hunger, she just can’t shake him. He’s solid and strong, caring and protective. But Lawson cannot and will not involve him in her problems. There can be no happily ever after for her in his arms.

Ethan Fairchild ran off after a nasty fight with his preacher father who wanted Ethan to follow in his footsteps. It wasn’t what he wanted and the expectations for Ethan’s future were too much. Ethan joined the Marines and after his discharge returned back to his father and Suttontowne. Now he’s busy partnering with Chase Sutton on his Bait and Tackle business and still bartending for Outlaws. When he finds Lawson on the ground outside of Outlaw’s, he helps her and his sixth sense tells him that she’s in trouble. It isn’t until he learns of her current desperate circumstances that he realizes what kind of trouble. He wants to help her, but his heart has different plans when it tumbles for her. Will she trust him and make a stand—with him or flee and break his heart?

February 10
Blue Moon Creative
Blue Moon Creative LLC

Customer Reviews

Christine Miller28 ,

Loved Ethan and Hayley!

This has been such an incredible series. One couple is greater than the next. Ethan and Hayley have stolen my heart. I have loved Ethan since I met him in Chase's story, and I've eagerly been waiting to hear his story. When Lawson/Hayley comes to town, Ethan steps right in to help her. Everyone can see that this girl has ghosts. Ethan just wants her to trust him enough to stay and not run. Hayley and Ethan fall in love and Hayley knows she needs to confront her ghosts if there is a chance at a future together.

This was a great read. I love this stories and reconnecting with the characters in every book. The characters are all well written and this small town atmosphere is so much fun. I feel like these people have become my friends. Great series and a great read.

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