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"Sheltering Stories: Teen Talk about Covid-19" is a young adult non-fiction anthology showcasing the art and writing of twenty-three teenagers on their experience of the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in New York City.

Did your child suffer during the Covid-19 2020 lock-down time? They were not alone. “Sheltering Stories: Teen Talk about Covid-19” reveals what twenty-three New York City teenagers thought and felt about their own lock-down experience.

This lock-down period was an extremely difficult time for our kids. What is important about the teens in “Sheltering Stories” is that they used the extreme emotions of the lock-down in a positive way – to create. Through compelling artwork, poignant poetry, soulful stories and time encapsulating photography they share a fascinating tale, generously leaving open the private door to their inner world.

The teenagers featured in “Sheltering Stories” come from a range of backgrounds, nationalities, education styles, and home neighborhoods – each extremely different from each other. They are of African, African-American, Asian, Australian, Egyptian, German, Hispanic, Irish, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim heritage. Attending charter, private, and public schools, they reside in neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Newark, NJ.

The results is wonderful, terrible, upsetting, unsettling, positive and unique. You and your child may laugh or cry when you read “Sheltering Stories,” but will definitely be inspired.

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October 16
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Customer Reviews

ajschlee ,

Through the Eyes of Teens

Living across the country from New York City, I could only watch on the news at what was happening as we all learned to deal with the many changes that took place starting in March of this year.

Reading this book, reading the words and studying the art, was eye opening. These young people have a way to describe what we are all feeling and what many of us may be too afraid to say. The stark realization of what many of these contributors were going through was truly eye opening.

As with all of us, my world got smaller with the requirements to stay inside and do my part to slow the spread. To be able to step outside of that in a way that gave me peeks into a city I have long wanted to visit is a gift.

I loved the photography as I have never seen NYC in person. The drawings were so well done and gave such a great view of what the artists are thinking and feeling. The writing in many cases was raw and engaging.

Anyone wanting to get a glimpse into this year through the eyes of some truly talented teenagers should check this book out. The editors did a fantastic job compiling everything into such a logical order that things truly flowed beautifully.

Thank you to Lisa Shaub for the copy of this beautiful compilation. What a wonderful way to give these young people an outlet to feel and to process.

Ria✨✌🏼 ,

Sheltering Stories

This book really helped all us communicate with each other and showed us another version of ourselves that we never thought we had. The Pandemic has been very hard to overcome whether it’s for financial, racial, etc problems. All of these young artist including myself hoped that you liked our artwork and that you may have related to our work. The book is very good. We are all different but we came together to create this. :)

Miah Artola ,

A unique and beautuful book

As a New Yorker who was here throughout the pandemic, it is quite amazing to have discovered such a sensitive and accurate expression of a particularly intense time in our history. The drama and confusion was aptly shown through the eyes of NY teens; their artwork here acts as both a a commemoration and a healing vehicle. Aside from this, it is simply beautiful.
I plan to give it as gifts this holiday season to friends and family of a all different ages. Highly recommended!