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The Shepherd King book challenges all readers as follows... Put yourself in the position of Shepherd King, then let us know what you would have done differently! Let's say a king... Suppose you are a king! Let's say you have a castle or palace with many mansions within its walls! You hear that some of your subjects in a far country are at the mercy of a cruel dictator! The dictator is causing untold misery and many of your subjects who should be perfectly healthy in all respects find themselves falling ill with all types and manners of sickness, disease and mental torments! As king you know... You know that he is destroying your people a bit at a time and without your intervention he intends wiping them out! Until he can group them all together, brainwash them and ultimately persuade them from acknowledging you as their true ruler he wears them down one at a time,one family at a time, one here, one there and afflicts them until they conform to his way of doing and thinking! His way is opposed to your way! He has some pretty sinister intentions in mind for your subjects... Firstly, as long as they live he doesn't want them making contact with you and he and his rebel followers go all out to dissuade and prevent your subjects making contact with you! Whatever he deems necessary to do this he will implement! He does this to a degree by keeping them so pre- occupied with "things" in the far country that they either don't have time to or don't make time to contact you! (end of excerpt) Whoever you are reading right now we'd appreciate YOUR feedback as to what YOU would have done differently. We hope to publish for free distribution to those who contribute their andwers another publication as sequence to the Shepherd King Look forward to hearing from you Watchman Ben-David

Religion & Spirituality
February 20
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