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He has to rule a Shifter Kingdom he doesn’t want. She has to break all the rules to protect her unborn baby. After one passionate night, will Fate bring them back together?

The Shifter Royal Dynasty Box Set is here! Contains the following novels:

Legacy:Korrin just wanted to drink whiskey and get away from his family. He didn’t want the prestige of being the Romani Traveler King’s son, to say nothing of the responsibility. But where there is power, there are people willing to go anything to keep (or steal) it. And soon he wouldn’t have any choice in the matter…

Kris couldn’t believe she had a one night stand with the tall, dark and handsome guy with those gorgeous golden eyes. They couldn’t have really been golden, right? No matter that now, all that mattered was the tiny life she was now carrying, and how that would turn her world upside down.

She had no idea how right she was.

Prophecy:Korrin and Kris have to deal with threats from both without and within as they bring their Shifter Kingdom into the 21st century. Enemies along the borders see opportunities to strike. Schemers from within sense division and begin to plot. Korrin is an unpopular ruler with unpopular ideas. And aside from all that, Kris had something important to deal with.

Her parents were coming to visit.

Destiny: No matter what decision Korrin makes, it's the wrong one. Friends are fewer and fewer, and allies become distant. Kris is patient and does her best to be supportive, but can they truly bridge the separation between Shifter and human? Can they ever really understand one another? With their baby on the way, their actions and decisions are more important than ever! 

USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning brings you a Shifter Romance novel box set packed full of action, intrigue and steam! Fated Mates have never been so right and wrong for each other!

December 16
Gizmo Media
Gizmo Media

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