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Part One

What happens when two Alphas imprint with one female?

Scarlet had no intention of losing herself to another man, one ex-husband was enough. But when a rogue wolf lays his sights on her, two Alphas come to her rescue. Seems fate had plans for Scarlet and gave her two mates instead of one. Her job as a female pack leader is simple, all she has to do is give up her independence, mate, and make babies. How will she deal with two wolves and her responsibilities, when her independence is the one thing she had managed to gain for herself?

Rift and Oscar run one of the local wolf packs. Together they have found a way to stay in charge and keep the peace. But with rogue wolves on the loose and new werewolf laws coming in from Congress, their peaceful pack might come undone. Find out more in Shifting Tactics-Part One.

Part Two

What happens when a pack mate is murdered?

After Scarlet finds out she is pregnant, disaster strikes with the loss of one of their own. As Scarlet struggles to come to terms with her impending motherhood, she must find her place next to her mates.

When Alen continues to change women to wolves without their permission, the alphas must put an end to him. With new pack laws, Rift and Oscar only have 30 days before the mayor steps in. Everyone wants peace to be restored but will they be able to stop Alen? Or will the Mayor have to make good on his threat? Find out more in Shifting Tactics- Part Two

Part Three

What happens when someone kidnaps the alpha female?

While Scarlet’s stomach grows, the idea of peace may become a reality. When Alen is finally captured most want him executed right away. If Rift and Oscar give into their urge of killing him before a trial, then Therm’s pack will believe Oscar killed the women. The alphas must find a balance between restoring peace and punishing Alen.

A new werewolf seeks revenge on the alpha’s. A woman’s dead body is left on alpha’s property distracting Rift and Oscar. Kidnapping the alpha female isn't a smart thing to do. Will Rift and Oscar be able to save Scarlet and the baby? Find out more in the final chapter of Shifting Tactics Part Three.

September 12
McKayla Schutt
Draft2Digital, LLC

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