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Shivers and other nightmares is a compilation of 30 stories, Most are in the horror genre and most with surprise endings. The nightmares include: Shivers: The last thing Steve remembers is stopping at the rest stop off the interstate. Under New Management: The meat at Big Mama's Restaurant is extremely fresh. Tattoo: Marla picks a ferocious black panther for the free tattoo she won. Genie In the Bottle: Three college friends find a strange bottle in the surf and make a wish that comes with a price. Dominance: The Simmons family encounters an escaped madman on a camping trip in the Adirondacks. Something In The Car: Jasper and his wife Nancy are the victims of a large buck crashing through the windshield of their car. The Vampire Club: Something big in the basement has devoured Mike’s neighbor’s cat on loan to catch a mouse. The Troll: Lieutenant Ramsey is on the trail of a strange woman who kidnaps seven children every ten years and eats them to stay yoiung. The Rapture: A televangelist predicts the end of the world is coming in six months. Drip. Drip. Drip. Rasgus is having trouble with a leaky faucet in Times Square on New Years Eve. A Shortcut Through the Woods: Mason hears a gun shot in the black woods while taking a shortcut home. Spiders: Charlie needs to change a fuse in the spooky basement full of spiders. Vampires and Werewolves: A charter plane to Atlantic City lands at a remote private airport near Lake George, NY. What The Cat Dragged In: Little demons land on Earth during a meteor shower. The Love Room: A serial killer is terrified to learn someone has broken into his home and may have discovered his love room. And 15 others… Shivers and other nightmares is a compilation of thirty stories where the protagonists dare to take a walk on the dark side into shadows where evil lurks and midnights stay. Come with me now and feel the terror that waits just beyond the door in spaces where the subtle shades of black are imperceptible in the gloom. In a forest where the silence is so profound it suggests the awakening of an enormous beast from a long sleep with a mission to rip apart any bird, animal, or insect that dares make a sound. In a tomb where the children of the night seek fresh, warm blood , and the wind howls and the wolf bane blooms under the full moon. Into fields of sorrow where scarecrows walk, monsters crawl and awful things go bump in the night. Go to those creepy places you never thought you’d go where the whisper of a spider’s web lingers on the back of your neck too long and the icy fingers of something dead send shivers up your spine that makes your blood run cold.

Fiction & Literature
January 5
Billy Wells
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