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If you’ve been pinning dream wedding dresses on your visualization board, or wondering how much an engagement ring costs, you’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow.  There’s nothing like being in love, and it’s easy to dream of a happily-ever-after scenario when you’re floating in the clouds of romantic bliss.

We’re a country in love with ideal of love.  Children read stories like Cinderella and Snow White where romantic love conquers all.  Nicholas Sparks’ books are snapped up as soon as they hit the press.  And romance novels are one of the best selling fiction genres.  

Over two billion people tuned in to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011.  And tabloids are filled daily with breaking news about which celebrity is getting married next.

There are few emotions as powerful as love.  Sadly many people can’t distinguish between love and infatuation, and rush to the altar under the spell of love.  They decide to get married because they’re in the stage of love called “limerence” (an involuntarily desire to have one’s feelings reciprocated) where they’re blind to faults and have unrealistic expectations.  When the bloom fades from the rose, they divorce because the marriage didn’t live up to their romantic idealism.

Couples rush into marriage for varied reasons including convenience, infatuation, pregnancy, or response to familial pressure.  If you rush into a marriage, you may later find yourself in a difficult situation that could affect you financially and emotionally, and may negatively affect innocent people such as children or family members. 

With a divorce rate of 40% for first-time marriages, a person has about a 60% chance of a successful marriage (even less chances for a second or third-time).  It’s best to think things through before walking down the aisle.  Let your head make the decision, even if your heart wants to race forward, which will improve your chances of making a wise decision.

Marriage may be the most significant decision you’ll ever make.  To help you make the best decision possible, we’ve developed ten questions to ask before you decide to get married.  

We’ve also provided advice for improving your situation in each chapter so you’ll know how to strengthen your relationship, and increase your chances of a happy and fulfilling marriage should you decide to get married.

May 25
Laurenzana Press
Casa Di Fanelli LLC

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