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Shrimad Bhagwad Gita has been translated and interpreted by many able persons in almost all the languages all over the world. Every scholar has done his best according to his mental stature and experiences to present his commentary for the benefit of others. Many sages have also commented upon this sacred book from time to time, hence this holy book is known all over the world. I hope by the grace of Lord Krishna, this book will also find its place in the minds of the enthusiasts. Studied with keen interest, it will serve as a perfect guide for material as well as spiritual progress.

The approach adopted in this book is unique—to show that the Truth (Atma—Haq) is one and the same everywhere, at all times and in all religions, because truth is that which has no changeableness. Special reference has been made to Sufism to show that there is no difference between Vedanta and Sufism or other religions and the apparent differences among them are because of semantic reasons.

The blessed personalities of all religions who have dived deep into the spiritual realm (Atam Gyan—Ilim Ludani) have expressed and established the truth of oneness (non-duality). The ignorant fanatics tied down in the shackles of wordiness of religion have been criticising other religions without understanding the real meaning of the Truth which is identical in every religion. One sage has said, "He who sticks to words only, shall not rise to the climax." Fanaticism has really deprived us of Atamanand—the Bliss and has plunged us into materialism instead of spiritual bliss and thus put us in consternation.

Religion & Spirituality
September 5
H. M. Damodar
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