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"5 STARS...Laugh out loud funny! Nothing heavy or life-altering here just a devilishly fun read that will make you laugh out loud."


"5 STARS...Refreshing... Laugh out funny, remarkably clever. Read it."


"5 STARS...OMG this is one funny book...funny from the first page to the last. A must read."


"5 STARS...Hilarious...VERY funny read."


"5 STARS...Hilarious...This book was great, completely hilarious. I was laughing out loud a lot."

Is it in yet? It's the phrase that no man ever wants to hear. Luckily, Tim Garrett has never heard those words. At least he has never heard them out loud despite being on the wrong side of the bell curve in the male endowment department.


It has taken many years, but Tim has finally come to terms with being slightly below average below the belt. His life isn't bad, he doesn't hate his job, his girlfriend Jill is hot and doesn't seem to mind his physical attribute. Things are good. That is, until the day Jill dumps him and his world comes crashing down around him.


That's when Tim decides to make some changes in his life; big changes. When a bizarre mixture of pills combined with a not-as-directed, inventive use of an electronic device prove incredibly successful, Tim's life begins to change for the better both in and out of the bedroom. But when things grow a little too much, everything spins out of control and the words be careful what you wish for begin to take on an entirely new meaning.


SHRINKAGE is a somewhat raunchy and completely funny comedy, which is intended for contemporary mature audiences only. (Whatever the hell that means...)

Fiction & Literature
December 1
Luke Young Books
Luke Young Books

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cinful1121 ,

C'MON this is funny! Check it out.

C'mon who can resist a book all about a man's manhood?! I will admit I had no idea how this author was gonna pull off (hehehe) an entire book covering this particular topic, but I'm happy to report his effort is a laugh out loud success! I mean of course women are aware men obsess about their... attributes just as much as we do even though they'd rather die than admit it *LOL*. This author has provided a refreshing no macho BS (well except Rick the...), behind the gender lines look at the male pysche and their social interactions at large. It is clever, well-paced and carries a great message to boot. Are there any life altering revelations revealed or some let's say borderline cheesy things said, well yeah but duh the book is about MEN and their manhood what'd'ya expect hahaha. Definitely pick this one up and give it a read the title alone should convince you to do so ;-)

Shell3881 ,



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