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Disavowed Navy SEAL Everett Black is on the most important mission of his life—to take back his best friends' kidnapped baby. Only when he arrives at the Colombian estate where intel assured him the infant would be, all he finds is a decoy doll. 

What will he tell Nash? The broken man can't take more crushing news when his wife, Maisey, is still in a coma from the kidnapper's brutal attack.

Drug lord Vicente Rodriguez’s widow is hellbent on avenging her husband’s death, and taking back his infant son.

With Nash constantly by Maisey's side, it’s up to Everett to rescue Baby Joe during a perilous quest through the Colombian jungle. What he never expects is to also find a forbidden attraction to Ruby Morales—the novice nun charged with the infant's care.

Will Everett save his friends' baby? Will Maisey survive her grave wounds? Most importantly, will this disavowed Navy SEAL be able to fight his twisted longing for Ruby's heart?


SHUNNED is the third book in Laura Marie Altom's exciting new romantic suspense series--SEAL Team: Disavowed! It is a standalone story, but features plenty of action with Maisey and Nash who are the featured couple from the first book in this series, ROGUE.


SEAL Team: Disavowed

To become a United States Navy SEAL, a man must be physically forged in steel and able to mentally compute life or death situations with laser accuracy and speed. Our country trusts these men with the most sensitive military operations—many so covert that once they are successfully completed, they are never spoken of again.

This series celebrates one particularly fierce band of brothers who valiantly battled terrorists whose crimes against nature and humanity were far too great to chance escape. On a dark night, on foreign soil, SEAL Team Alpha witnessed acts so unspeakably cruel against women, infants and small children that their consciences would not allow anything other than their own brand of justice for the scum terrorist cell.

A trial would have been too good for these pigs, and so, one-by-one they were taken out, and the women and children they’d used were freed. By dawn, an entire region breathed easier. The men of Alpha found themselves heroes to those whose lives they had saved, but virtual criminals in the eyes of the organization they served. After a lengthy investigation, their elite, covert team was formally disbanded. 

They now spend their lives deep undercover, still serving—no longer their country, but individuals who find themselves in need of not only their own personal warrior, but a particular brand of justice.

While honorably discharged, these men and their actions will forever be disavowed . . .


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December 30
Fulton Court Press
Laura Marie Altom

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