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How The Boy Became a Viking. How The Man Became A Legend.

The origin story of Sidroc the Dane, a new standalone entry point into The Circle of Ceridwen Saga. Read first, read last, read between any of the Saga novels. But read it and learn how Sidroc became Sidroc.

A discarded child Fated to become a powerful Jarl ñ here is the story of Sidroc.

Fate guides the path of his father, Hrald, to his meeting with the woman whose son would help change the face of 9th century Angle-land. An ever-growing rivalry between Sidroc and his cousin Toki defines the boysí early years. Their young uncle, Yrling, knows success as a raider in far-off Angle-land, and trains his nephews in the ways of the warrior. Ahead of them is the perilous crossing of the North Sea, which stands between them and the plunder they seek. Once on the great island of Angle-land, hard fighting awaits, through which Sidroc rises to second in command in the war-band headed by Yrling. Then, at their captured Saxon stronghold, comes the young woman for whom Sidroc will one day change his lifeÖ

Dovetailing into Book One of The Circle of Ceridwen Saga, Sidroc the Dane a book to be savoured at any point on the journey.

Enter the Circle here.

Fiction & Literature
April 14
Pyewacket Press
The Hall of Tyr AB

Customer Reviews

Missy9000 ,

Another amazing book in the series ~ I just want more Sidroc!!! More, more, more!

If you don’t know this series, then you don’t know this man, and you’re missing out!

Galgo232323 ,

Amazing series

This series is a must read! Octavia Randolph has become one of my favorite authors. The books are so well written that you find yourself transported into the story. Read them all!! You will not regret a minute of it! SC

Needwood ,

Sideline the Dane

I have read all of the Circle of Ceridwen books. I enjoy reading books based on the history and culture of an area. These books are a treasure. I am sad that there are no more to read.

I look forward to books more books and a trip to Gotland in the future.

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