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"Sign Language for Kids - Numbers” is an interactive book for children, featuring easy to learn video instructions and colorful illustrations on every page!  In this book, kids will learn the American Sign Language (ASL) for numbers 1-20 as well as for numbers 20, 30, 40, 50 ,60 70, 80, 90, 100, 1000, and 1 million! The signs are made by professional ASL instructor Jeff Millett, and the illustrations are done by best selling author and illustrator, Riley Weber. 

The instructional videos show exactly how to make the sign for each number in the book.  Along with the videos, a cartoon illustration shows you how to form your hands properly.  Kids of all ages will find it easy to learn the sign language numbers.  

What are the benefits of learning sign language?  

• It’s growing in popularity.  American Sign Language (or ASL), is the fourth most studied languages in colleges and universities in the U.S.  

• Bilingualism is a great brain booster.  It enriches and enhances your cognitive processes, helping you to become a better problem solver, a more creative thinker, a better listener, and you can obtain greater academic achievement! Knowing another language also promotes cultural awareness, literacy, and other intellectual benefits. 

• Communicate with deaf babies.  Speech is a medium.  It is imperative that deaf babies are exposed to natural language (i.e. ASL), within the first two years of life.  

• Sign language is beautiful!  People find sign language unique, fascinating, graceful, and expressive.  It is difficult to learn all the signs, but the experience is all worth it and fulfilling.  

• Fingerspelling helps kids and students learn how to spell a word letter by letter.   It can also help a young person learn to count using ASL numbers.  

• Appreciate literary arts.  Visual-spatial language is filled with cinematic devices, rhymes, rhythms, movements, and more.  

• Sign language is used to communicate with some animals such as some chimpanzee’s and gorilla’s.

• Sign language is also used as a profession.  Knowing basic sign language can be useful for firefighters, police officers, and other civic servants, as well as scuba divers, stock traders, and more.  

• You can talk with sign language from a distance or in a quiet or loud setting and be understood.  

• Develop cultural awareness and language competency!

Start learning sign language numbers today and enjoy!

June 6
See Learn Sign
Riley Steven Weber

Customer Reviews

StarsNStripes ,

Nice signs.

This sign book has helped me and my kids learn the basic sign language numbers in an easy and clear way. The videos and illustrations are all very helpful.

candy(real name kaylie) ,


Everybody on this planet knows #1 signlauge dont waste your money!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jon Smith ,

It's got videos !!!

This is the coolest ASL book I've ever seen! It's got videos!

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