Silent Evidence

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The man of her fantasies is finally hers. Sort of…

Two things haunt forensic anthropologist Hazel MacLeod: the bones of victims of genocide she examines for her work, and former SEAL Sean Logan’s rejection. But within days of moving to her cousin’s estate to take a much needed break, she finds herself faced with both.

First, she’s called in to examine a mass grave in Virginia, then, her politician cousin receives a threatening letter and insists Hazel needs around the clock protection—from none other than Sean Logan. To make matters worse, because the threat to her is classified, Hazel and Sean must pretend to be lovers to hide that he’s her bodyguard.

Sean has spent years trying to avoid his boss’s sexy cousin, but now he’s guarding her twenty-four/seven and even bringing her as his date to a romantic destination wedding. As the heat between them intensifies, Sean can’t lose sight of the danger that brought them together. But when bullets start flying, new questions arise. Are the senator’s political rivals really behind the threat, or is someone trying to silence Hazel from speaking for the dead?

December 28
Janus Publishing
Rachel Grant

Customer Reviews

TAMacLeod ,

Just when you thought it couldn’t come home

Silent Evidence is the 8th book in the Evidence series but don’t let that stop you from reading it if you haven’t read the other books. Part way into the beginning of this book, I realized I must have missed the previous book in the series, because I didn’t remember some of the names of the characters or the situations they had faced. I must admit, I thought for a heartbeat would I be missing some of the back story because of that, but then I figured not everyone will have read all of the series, so no going back, just continue reading. I am so glad I did. Rachel laid out the characters so well, that not having read the previous book, which was about Hazel’s sister Ivy, I didn’t feel as if I was missing out. In fact, it allowed me to focus on Hazel and Sean’s story exclusively and what a fascinating story it was.

I loved learning about how forensic anthropologist Hazel MacLeod worked, what it was she was able to learn about the bones she was brought in to examine in a mass grave near the home she is staying in, and how she was able to pretend to be in a relationship with her bodyguard Sean, a man she had in the past felt something for. In fact, her feelings towards Sean, and his feelings, that he tries to deny towards Hazel, put a very interesting dynamic into play in this book.

There is fun, frolic (think scavenger hunt with a bit of a twist since most of the couples hunting are brilliant strategists) and romance since there is a wedding that Sean is the Best Man for. There is also suspense, politics and racism, but as always, Rachel lays it all out in an amazingly readable and exciting book. I had a hard time putting this book down and not all of it was a feel good storyline, in fact the trauma some of the characters had to go through, being former military, or having been held hostage and tortured, adds just the right balance to make this a true romantic suspense story, heavier in the suspense, just the way I like them.

I always like to read a series in order, but based on my experience with this book, you don’t have to, to enjoy and get lost in the story. Rachel Grant is an automatic read author for me and after you read this book, I think she will be the same for you. Enjoy, I know I did.

Wanda K McD ,

Evidence series by Rachel Grant

I just finished the last number 8. I didn’t review each individual book because I was too anxious to start the next one. If you want a read from an imagination that blows my mind...mainly because Rachel is so knowledgeable about so many things, and weaves them into tales of danger and romance equally...these books are for you! My one and only complaint about these books was the cost of the books...only because I’m disabled and it takes money that I really don’t have just to read a book when there are so many free ones. But I’d pay it again, and will buy the next book in the series. I wish I could buy every book she’s ever written, her books are just that good!!!

Sharp50 ,

Silent evidence

Having read this series in order, I was truly looking forward to the continuation of characters as well as an interesting drama. This book was unbalanced for me. The dramatic plot should be the main framework of the book. With this book, it was less that and more about what Hazel and Sean thought about each other, their fantasies and way too many sexual encounters....or they were much too long. I do enjoy titillating passages but these felt phoned in and took over way too much of the story line. A big disappointment.

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