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Prince Creston SuMartra’s wicked ways, charming arrogance, and brazenness have defined his place in the royal family. As the youngest heir, he will never inherit the crown and never aspires to. Being the wild playboy prince fits him much better.

When his father tasks him with a very delicate and secret mission, Creston cringes at the thought of swooping in to save some needy clueless princess. But he knows by the glint in his father’s eyes it’s not a request, and no one refuses the King. Creston will go, but he’ll do it his way.

Lis MacKenzie isn’t someone who can be ordered around. She’s strong and independent. She’s had to be. So why is she allowing Prince Creston to whisk her away to a far-off land where nothing makes sense? She has no interest in meeting some king who claims to be her father. 

So why is she going, and why is she staying when it could cost her the one man who sees her as a desirable woman? Lis knows how to fight for what she wants, she’s had to do it all her life, but this time the lines are blurred. 

Loving Lis comes with responsibilities Creston’s run from all his life. Now he must decide if going from spare to heir is what’s best for not only Lis, but for an entire country.

June 5
Lizabeth Scott
Lizabeth Scott

Customer Reviews

Debi Rowe ,

Great story, family saga!

Prince Creston certainly met his match with Lis..... Creston knows he will never inherit the crown, and lives life a little on the wild side, that is until he met Lis, his softer side definitely brought out when he met her. I cried, as Lizabeth usually makes me do, but had all of the good feelings as well. Bravo Liz, can’t wait for the next one!
I was given and advanced reader copy of this book for an honest review.

Brecks348 ,

Playboy prince meets his match

Playboy prince meets his match
Prince Creston SuMartra was the quintessential playboy prince. Skating thru life with no responsibilities and too handsome for his own good. Life was free and easy for him since he was the youngest in line for the throne so not much was required of him. That is until his father, the King sent him to America to retrieve a recently discovered daughter for his friend, King Raj. Creston has his work cut out for him as Elisha does not believe she’s a princess and she is not impressed with the playboy prince. Getting to know Elisha he eventually realizes shes the one for him, now he just had to convince her.
This is another great book that takes you on an emotional ride by Liz Loved it

Fongoul ,

Silent Surrender

Very disappointed in this book!

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