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A Peace which must be defended. A vow which must be broken.

It is the final decade of the ninth century. The Peace between Wessex and the Danes long-settled in the Danelaw erodes. A new onslaught of Danes attacks Angle-land, trying once and for all to destroy Ælfred.

Ceric of Kilton, now a young man, travels across Kingdoms to visit his friend, Hrald of Four Stones - and to see Ashild, who he desires for his wife. But renewed hostilities threaten Ceric's hopes for deeper ties between strongholds.

And hundreds of leagues away on the Baltic island of Gotland, Hrald's father Sidroc the Dane must defy his Gods.

The revered Hammer of Thor. The sacred Cross of the Christians. And the conflict that pits two beliefs, two great war-chiefs, and three young people against each other.

A New Generation Beckons You...

Fiction & Literature
February 17
Pyewacket Press
The Hall of Tyr AB

Customer Reviews

DaleFoss ,

A great read !!!

Every Ceridwen saga reader was eagerly awaiting this book. Now we have to wait until 2020 for the next one.

Kaeby1 ,


I have read this entire series within a months time! Octavia has an incredible way of weaving the characters and storylines to keep you completely immeshed! What will I do now.....

Lamikims ,

The next generation

After the bucolic Tindr we enter the tension filled reality of two cultures. The king is dead and there seems none fit to take his place. Danes who have lived long in Angelia must decide if they will keep Alfred's peace or war. Four Stones sits at the center of opposing forces and will play a pivotal role in the outcome; but its leader is young and untried. Son of the famed Sidroc, Harold and his beloved sister will show their metal. A tale of great action and adventure with detailed battles. This is a book you will not be able to put down. Strongly recommend.

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