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"Perry is a storyteller, weaving magic wherever she goes, much to the delight of her millions of fans." – The Literary Shed

Everyone in Bedford Falls wants to see Robbie Masters settled down and happy, but Robbie knows love comes with a price, and it's not one he wants to pay. He can’t trust his heart to make a sound investment.

But then he meets self-help goddess Sara Wright. Sara’s quirky humor and sweet wisdom light Robbie’s soul and rekindle his passions, and for the first time in his life he wonders if Happily Ever After isn’t more than a distant dream.


Writing as Kate Perry, Kathia Zolfaghari tells stories about hope, and dreams, and the bonds of friendship and family. Her acclaimed novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world, and her books have been translated into several languages. All her stories feature sassy, independent women who just want love and earthy men full of heart who are more than able to rise to the occasion.

April 27
Firelight and Fairy Dust Unlimited, Inc.
Firelight and Fairy Dust Unlimited, Inc.

Customer Reviews

MMnona ,

Silver Moon Sparkling

Wow, I’ve always enjoyed Kate Perry’s books but this was the really the worst book I’ve ever read. The content didn’t flow, it took half the book to realize how the characters were connected and the dialog,oh don’t get me started, the dialog between Lilly and her “best friend” was atrocious as was the dialog between Sarah’s and her best friend. Worst $5.00 I’ve ever spent.
I had to give one star to comment but should be 0

Astroyic ,


Loved this sweet romance that was magical and enchanting between Robbie and Sara. This story also has a great mixture of secondary characters that bring so much depth with witty conversations and a great small town life.

Robbie Masters knows everyone in Bedford Falls and they all want him to find his HEA. He has dreamt of finding the woman of his dreams and having a family, but as he has gotten older he isn't sure if he will ever find love. He is also sick of being set up on all the dates that his friends force on him.

Sara Wright is a inspirational speaker who is about to lose the house that she loves. Sara moved to Bedford Falls for the great small town life. She is trying to come up with a great idea to save her house. But, at the urging of a friend she puts her house up for sale in case her business doesn't pan out. Robbie is hired as the landscape architect by the real estate company, to spruce up the gardens of his late grandmother's home, which is Sara's home and the attraction between them is immediate. And so begins a great witty, laugh out loud as well as some sizzling heat, courtship of sorts.

This story will will make you happy, bring tears of joy, give you goose bumps and warm you from the inside out. Because nothing is more important than love. Highly Recommended!

Received an ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review.

Laurie_Oh_TLG ,


For me, reading a Kate Perry book is a one of my favorite things. I love meeting and falling in love with not only her characters, but their friends and the communities where they live. There is a magic that she creates and I am happily under her spell…
PSA – If you haven’t read Dancing on a Moonbeam, you really need to – 1) It is the introduction story to Bedford Falls. 2) It is a truly wonderful story. 3) Max.
Silver Moon Sparkling, the second book in Kate’s Bedford Falls series is the sweetest of stories. While this book set around Robbie (who we met in in Dancing on a Moonbeam) and Sara, we also get to know Lily Fehr (LOVE HER NAME SO MUCH) as more than the angsty teen daughter of Eleanor Westwood (Robbie’s best friend).
Robbie and Sara’s story is this dance that as a reader you sit back and resist the urge to give them the nudge that they need. Their hearts are matched like a puzzle and watching them fall is this part of the magic that Kate weaves.
For me, Lily’s story is where this Silver Moon Sparkling shines it’s very brightest. On the outside, Lily is wearing the armor of an angry girl, but on the inside she is a bundle of confusion and frustration. The people who she needs the most, can’t see through the chainmail or their own heartache, so she sets out to show them. It’s in the course Lily’s arc, that we just what an amazing person Lily is. It was such a joy to read her chapters because Kate was totally embedded in her heart and gave this young woman so much dimension --- I loved her so much.
But even more, there is Bedford Falls herself. This is a place we all should want to live from time to time. It is by no means perfect, but with the exception of two people (I’m looking you Barbara & Charles) it’s residents care about each other. They cultivate a sense of community that leaves you knowing that it is a place where hope blossoms and love blooms.

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