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Simple Rules is a new kind of builder handbook/design guide.
Architecture design tips for builders, residential designers and DIY homeowners

Publisher's Weekly said:
"This thoughtful and thought-provoking little gem outlines 25 crucial design principles that the author believes have been jeopardized as domestic architecture has become dominated by developers. Scarlett, who runs an architecture firm in Wellesley, Mass., aims to 'remind those in the building community that simple beauty and meaning... is still reproducible in new homes, and that many traditional building techniques are still applicable in today’s economy, and within current construction practices.' In this, she succeeds terrifically. Most of this attractively illustrated book consists of quotations taken from original sources published from the 16th to early 20th centuries. These sources are building manuals such as Palladio’s Four Books of Architecture (1570), which inspired many of America’s greatest public and private buildings, as well as lesser-known volumes such as T.F. Hamlin’s The Enjoyment of Architecture (1921). The rules are broken down by chapter and include 'Genius of the Place,' ‘Asymmetry,' and 'Proportion.' Each includes quotations to explain the concept and several well-chosen illustrations to graphically demonstrate the idea. The annotated bibliography at the end is a bonus and provides direction for those who seek further elaboration. Anyone interested in architecture—professionals, students, home-improvers, renovators, home 'flippers,' or anyone who regards suburbia with a critical eye—will enjoy this useful and well-written compilation." B&w illus. (BookLife) 9/19/2016 http://www.publishersweekly.com/978-1-4841-5207-2

Inspired by long forgotten sources, this 120 page, fully illustrated builder handbook includes 25 key design principles, timeless composition guidelines, elegant proportional systems, building techniques and formulas for making buildings more beautiful. It is intended as a design guide for the architect or modern builder who cares about aesthetics and meaning, as much or more than the bottom line.

The design concepts are equally applicable to modern design. In fact, they are intended to serve as archetypes for a new modern architecture, to free builders from the need to simply replicate old styles.
An annotated bibliography describes many other design resources.

"Finally, I found an architect's reference book which did not read like a manual!"

A highly important design book
"In the same way current thinkers and writers stand on the shoulders of literary giants before them, designers are also deeply indebted to the long-gone geniuses"

Just What Architecture Ordered
"Architects, Builders, Designers and Homeowners: if you are thinking about and/or are designing buildings...GET THIS BOOK! no longer taught in architecture school... a great pocket reference in how to create a building that will last... It is the first in a series, so I cannot wait to see more!"

Sample Rules:

simple RULE 1

"All architecture should possess strength, utility, and beauty."
Strength arises from carrying down the foundations to a good solid bottom, and from making a proper choice of materials without parsimony. †

Utility arises from a judicious distribution of the parts, so that their purposes be duly answered, and that each have its proper situation.
Beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance and good taste of the whole, and by the dimensions of all the parts being duly proportioned to each other.

~Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
De Architectura, Book

simple RULE 5

"Always keep in mind the perspective appearance when designing the
exterior of a detached building, and not merely the front elevation."
~ Richard Brown, Architect

"From every possible view a really good building must have balance..."
~ Talbot Hamlin
The Enjoyment of Architecture

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September 19
Shannon Taylor Scarlett
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