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Publisher Description

The Simple Basics

Knowing some simple basics can make the difference between life or death in an emergency survival situation, Gary Benton's SIMPLE SURVIVAL can teach you the simple skills that could save you or a loved one.

If you are going into the outdoors, be it hunting, hiking, boating, camping, or any outdoor sport, you could find yourself in trouble and need to survive. No one ever plans on getting lost or stranded by a storm, flood or forest fire. Numerous real-life survivors have said that they never imagined that someday they would be in that situation and fighting for their lives.

By reading this simple guide you will have a clear, basic understanding of the key concepts of shelter/warmth/food/water/signaling, with techniques that could make the difference in an emergency situation. Don't end up a survival failure statistic.

The Book

This book is an expansion of a collection of articles that have been previously published in some of North America 's better outdoor publications (Modern Survival Magazine, BackHome Magazine, Buck Masters, Big Game Hunt, Family Camping Magazine, Wonderful West Virginia Magazine and others). This winner of the Silver Award from the Military Writers Society of American is now available in all ebook formats.(making it possible to have the guide on your mobile device when you might need it most!)

Key Subjects include

Survival in various climates or conditions (Desert, Arctic, and more)
Water & Food procurement
Fire making
First Aid (General)
Psychology and Survival
Clothing (What to wear in the field)
Making survival weapons
How to survive a Terrorist Attack
Rescue and Recovery
Camouflage and movement
Natural Disasters
Children and the outdoors
Maps and basic navigation
How to dress/skin game
Unusual Survival Situations

About the Author

Gary Benton is a retired United States Air Force Senior Master Sergeant. He is a graduate of a number of U.S. Air Force Survival Schools, including Arctic, Water (Sea and Ocean), Desert, Mountain, and Jungle survival schools. He spent twelve years teaching parachuting techniques and survival skills to Air Force aircrew members as a Life Support Instructor. He holds an Associates Degree in Search and Rescue, Survival Operations, a Bachelors Degree in Safety and Health, and a Masters Degree in Psychology complete except his thesis. Sergeant Benton retired from the USAF in 1997 with over twenty-six years of active duty.

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Stephen Hutchins

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