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One story that isn’t often told in the social studies curriculum is that history is replete with powerful women. Other than a passing reference to Joan of Arc and the intellectual wisdom of Elizabeth I during wartime, history tends to ignore its powerful women. Recent archeological digs have revealed that the mythological Amazons may have been calvaries of pant-wearing, spear-throwing Scythian warriors, and they were not alone. From Boudicca the Celtic royal who led a rebellion against the mighty Roman Empire in Britain to Zenobia who rebelled against the Romans on the other side of their domain, women were strong leaders. Nakano Takeko, Fu Hao, and the iconic Mulan led armies in the Far East while, in the New World, Aztec women were considered warriors for giving birth, and took up bows and arrows to fight in times of need.
Sinews of History seeks to tell the stories of some of these women and to peer into social and alternative historical situations where strong, muscular women made smaller waves in history. These women, some mythical and others real, may not have had their stories told before and their incredibly muscular physiques and unreal strength accomplishments demand recognition. Whether it be a 1950s housewife, a secret agent, or an embattled warrior, these women had muscular physiques and weren’t afraid to use their power.
The stories contained within explore both real women and those who might have been. Their physical strength, power, and skill in combat describe a history largely forgotten or ignored by historians, but not by the authors within who celebrate the physical accomplishments and powerful appearance of the "fairer sex."

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December 4
Richard Greye
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