Sinful Deeds

Book 1 Sinful C.O.R.E.

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When a group of female vigilantes are out for vengeance, heads are going to roll…


New to the Homicide Unit, Cleveland detective Jag Stone has been handed a skull and asked to identify the victim and killer. He turns to Dr. Kenna Jordon, anthropologist and forensic facial reconstructionist, to give the skull a face. When he meets Kenna, he’s immediately attracted to her beautiful smile and curves, and intrigued that she works for the criminal investigation agency C.O.R.E. What he likes best…Kenna will return to Chicago in less than six weeks. Jag likes easy, and has no interest in a committed relationship. With Kenna’s help, he’s hoping to solve his first case…then watch her go. 

Until now, Kenna hasn’t wanted a relationship, either. Between working cases for C.O.R.E. and her job as an assistant professor at the University of Chicago, she hasn’t had the time. Only Jag is everything she wants in a man, and as they grow closer, it’s hard for her to keep her emotions in check. But a fairytale ending can never be, because she knows who the skull belongs to—and who has killed him. Three women. All wronged. All out for justice. All waiting for Kenna to admit she is one of them. 

As the body count rises, and the vigilantes pressure Kenna, her conscience and loyalties are put to the test. But if she refuses to cooperate, will she be the next to die?

December 13
Kristine Mason
Kristine Thompson

Customer Reviews

DianaDavidsonTX ,

Another winner!

Wow! What a phenomenal story! The chemistry between Jag and Kenna makes this story flow. The fact that they both had traumatic events that shaped their youth is also what draws them to each other. This was truly a well written story with a whole new type of storyline. I found myself loving the secondary characters one minute and screaming at them the next. The twists in this story were different that the previous CORE books. Moral lines were blurred as each "session" was completed. I really didn’t see it ending the way it did. But bravo! I loved how it was wrapped up. So get ready for a new kind of story telling. Where the bad guys are the good guys and the victims get what's coming to them.

Chelz286 ,

Not so fairytale ending...

Women following through with ideas they laughed about during teenage sleepovers? Fairytales, but what about the true, original version- we were likely not told that part of the story as a kid. Interesting, intriguing and in a way twisted. I thoroughly enjoyed the story line in this book. I enjoyed the background that was given on the main women characters, and how they all connected together. I am looking forward to more books with Kenna and Jagger. I'm not one for romance, so personally I could have forgone that but it definitely did add to the storyline. Looking forward to reading the next one as soon as it comes out!

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