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Blaze… The name speaks for itself. 

Women loved him. 

Men wanted to be him. 

It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it. 

Blaze is a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. His family can't relate to him… Hell, no one can. He may be the twin of Blake Hart COO of Harts Industries, but Blaze is the exact opposite of his cuddly twin brother. He has a ‘give-you-hell and take nothing in return’ kind of attitude. But I do believe the bad-boy has finally met a Hellcat that can stop his bad-boy ways in their tracks. 

Meet Lily. The name sounds so petite and gentle, right? Like a flower on a beautiful spring day. Well, don’t mistake her name for weakness. Lily is just as badass as Blaze, if not worse. She’s taken abuse from her husband for the past twelve years without so much as a punch or slap in return. She was the perfect Wife. Doting, compassionate, loving, and even ignorant. Yes, Mrs. Lily was the timid little wife to Chance Suthers, Savannah, Georgia’s top litigator. Was being the operative word. Now that she’s free due to a divorce, she’s out roaming the town and loving every minute of it. 

And that is where Blaze comes in. He sees her and automatically wants her. She is the most beautiful little redhead he’s ever saw. And he is sure the hair color extends far past her outer appearance. His bad-boy heart (as well as other places) throbs for her in want every time he sees her. 

But that… Is just the beginning… 

Blaze had a long lost love in college; a fiancé. But she went missing the night they had an argument at a low-down college frat party. Ever since that day of losing her, his heart has opened for no one else. Everyone turned their back on him, saying that it was his fault she disappeared. In true Blaze fashion, he flipped them the bird and moved on, only relying on himself. However, when he sees Lily, his frozen heart gives a little thump in his chest. He can’t believe that someone, let alone, a stranger was able to get a reaction like that out of him. 

He has to know her… He has to mark her… He has to claim her… 

Will Blaze (The Heartthrob) Hart be able to tame his little Hellcat? 

Or will she be too much for the tattooed, pierced, foul-mouthed bad boy?

January 18
L.M. Roberts
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

S.O.M.E. ,

Sinful Pleasure

I am sure this book will be great, but I am very upset. The release date was changed twice. It was due to come out Dec. 28, then Dec. 31, and finally Jan. 18. Hopefully they stuck to that.

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