Sing it, Sam

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Jane Rhynehart has a cosy shack in the pumpkin-obsessed town of Willow Creek, and a new job—if only she was able to write like the other women in the local writers' group. But how can Jane write the perfect romance when she's never experienced love?

After a lengthy stay in hospital, budding singer and songwriter Sam Marshall ends up as a resident in Willow Creek Nursing Home. Jane soon becomes his guiding light. But how can he be a man for her when he relies on so many others day-to-day?

Will Sam turn out to be the perfect muse to help Jane write her epic romance? Will Jane be the one to teach Sam how to truly live? Does love truly know no barriers?

February 11
Jennifer Ryder
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Who's your kitty ,

Breathtakingly beautiful

I cannot express enough how much I loved this book. The ending was PERFECT!! It could have gone two ways and Jennifer definitely chose the right one. Sam stole my heart, and his relationship with Jane stole my breath.

KR Nadelson ,


“Life is fleeting. But love is everlasting….”

You know when you read a book that claims a piece of your soul…even while smashing your heart to smithereens? A story that by novel’s end changes you IRREVOCABLY? Well, SING IT SAM by Jennifer Ryder is THAT book.

This beautifully life-affirming story, which celebrates the healing power of love, struck an indelible chord in me! Gah…the hope! The heartache! The tears! The love. SO MUCH LOVE! Where do I even begin to describe the maelstrom of feelings that churned through me while living and breathing this remarkable story?

Jennifer Ryder is a new to me author and I was blown away by her talent. Her writing is engaging and eloquent, the tone soulful yet whimsical, and there’s a realness and warmth and wit to her writing that's truly infectious. Her novel, which is set in the quaint rural town of Willows Creek, is rich in Aussie flavor and overflowing with a wealth of emotion. The sigh-worthy romance that blooms between Sam and Jane is POWERFULLY PROFOUND, ACHINGLY SWEET AND IRRESISTIBLY CHARMING, AND SO HEARTBREAKINGLY ROMANTIC it will give you goosebumps!

And while this is not a cookie cutter romance that follows a predicable path, this story about two soulmates who are miraculously brought together by fate, is a journey you will nevertheless REJOICE in. I found this book to be perfectly balanced from start finish, and even though there are pivotal plot developments that gutted me and had me weeping uncontrollably, there’s also felt an abundance of joy and sweet bliss throughout as well.

When we first meet our moody broody musician hero, he may be broken in body and spirit, but Sam is a true champion in every way that matters!!! I worshiped and hurt for him in equal measure.

As for Janie aka “Wonder Woman,” she was a BREATH OF FRESH AIR! So kind and caring, sweet and nurturing, she finds such joy in helping others. And through the course of this novel, we discover she has as much to learn from this brave, beautiful man as he imparts from her.

Their tender-hearted journey together is filled with highs and lows, gut-wrenching setbacks and gloriously sweet triumphs. And while these two kindred spirits experience the kind of heartache in their young lives that truly make them wise beyond their years, at the same time, there’s a purity and innocence to their soul-deep connection that left me enchanted.

Without getting heavy handed, Ms. Ryder explores some compelling issues throughout that made me look inward and reminded me that EVERY life has meaning, and that no matter what the circumstance, we all deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion. I also adored how the vibrant side characters were woven into the story, infusing the novel with warmth, buoyancy and charm!

My ULTIMATE takeaway? First, that life is fragile and fleeting, so every day we have on this beautiful green earth should be treasured. Secondly, that love is a RARE AND PRECIOUS GIFT and that even in the darkest of times there’s always a silver lining. And finally, that small acts of human kindness are truly what make the world go round!

SING IT SAM is a resplendent romantic tear-jerker that resounded deeply!

Highly recommend (but have tissues handy!)

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