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Our understanding of single mothers is broken. Not like, "The x-ray came back and you may need a cast", broken; but, "It's time to evacuate. The levy has been demolished," broken.

Mentally, our streets are flooded with ignorance, yet we simply paddle along as if this is the way things are going to be. All things common sense seem to be immersed under the murky waters of, "She should've known better," "She should've been married first," and "It's her fault he ran out. She's the one who chose him." It's bizarre that in a world where cars can drive themselves and phones can recognize thumb prints, we're still committed to such ignorance, but that's about to change.

For the last few years I've posted articles, memes, poems, and even viral videos with tens of millions of views on this subject, but like sandbags to an ocean, they've gotten swallowed whole without us, as a society, moving forward one inch. So, I've decided to take things up a notch with Single Mothers are for Grown Men, ONLY! and drain the preconceived notions, biases, and stereotypes once and for all, particularly as they pertain to dating and relationships.

This is not some pity-ridden manual about how single moms should feel sorry for themselves. They have nothing to feel sorry about. In fact, they should be feeling the exact opposite if despite what they have to put up with, they're still able to hold their heads up and put one foot in front of the other. This is 130 pages of facts, analogies, and practical examples of how single mothers have been framed for moral crimes they've never committed, and underappreciated for the should-be obvious positive qualities they possess. It's time for a perspective adjustment. If you agree, then you've found the right book. If you don't, then challenge me to change your mind, and yes, I accept.

Health, Mind & Body
September 7
Derrick Jaxn
Smashwords, Inc.

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Mrs. Ricks-Bobo ,

Stare stereotypes in face and proves lies

I haven't read the book yet but basic off the sample I can tell it will be worth reading. My opinion I have had the stereotype thrown my way a few times but because of the person I am no one see me that way. I also don't feel less because a single parent yet more of a person! I think because of my surroundings my environment and lifestyle I'm able to stare stereotypes in the face and prove they're lies! I been in relationships with ones with kids and ones without and after realizing we wasn't for each they still play major roles in my child life as if they where the responsible father leaving me to be single mother. Which I don't see that as a single mother but yet the main caretaker if the fathers are still taking care of their responsibilities... I think a good book would be on Real Fathers vs Sperm Donor... I have a sperm donor who my child loves and I respect that but my father is the definition on a real dad! My dad was there for me as well as my brother that's not his and my oldest brothers as one was with his mom and one with our grandmother as well as their two siblings and top it off he's a dad to a child that was pin on him and proven not his before old enough to understand... My current friend is define as a real man to take on responsibility of next man child and not have kids not ready for own kids yet and younger than me who just want to have fun and be loved who was raised by single mother and few pass relationships have shown this also yet not relationships wise laughing so if you're a single mother don't let stereotypes let you down keep raising your child to be best they can be no matter what it is they become!!! With GOD all is possible!!! 😍😘 Three stars for now since ain't read but sure will be a 5 star book

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