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A Family Shattered by Secrets

… Now in the Crosshairs of a Murderer.

At fourteen, Jenna Bergstrom’s perfect family started to unravel—a few years later it tragically fell completely apart.

As an artist, she’s learned to channel her emotions, but that control is put to the test when her ailing grandfather asks her to help restore the family’s legendary artists’ retreat known as Sinner’s Grove. Reluctantly she agrees to step in, but there’s a problem...

She’ll have to work side-by-side with the ex-love of her life.

Brit Maguire knows heartbreak. Jenna was the girl of his dreams until she disappeared from his life completely. Now she's back, and the feelings he's pushed aside just won't stay put. But as the architect for the Sinner's Grove renovation, he's got more important things on his mind - like finding out who wants the project scrapped badly enough to kill for it. Finding his way back to Jenna won't count for anything if Brit can't keep her safe.

Sinner's Grove is Book One of A.B. Michaels' contemporary suspense series of the same name. It follows the descendants of characters featured in Michaels' historical fiction series "The Golden City." Other titles in the series include The Lair and The Jade Hunters.

The Art of Love, the award-winning first novel in The Golden City historical fiction series recounts the founding of Sinner's Grove by Klondike King August Wolff and artist Amelia Starling at the turn of the twentieth century. Other titles in The Golden City series include The Depth of Beauty, The Promise, The Price of Compassion and Josephine's Daughter.

All titles in this series are stand-alone reads.

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September 19
Red Trumpet Press
Louise Berlin

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