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She dreams of a different future.

Bree Rogers is a badass. Everyone knows this. She’s smart, successful, and by all accounts capable of taking over the world with a few keystrokes on her trusty laptop. No one sees the cracks just below her surface, and she’s determined to keep it that way. Then the only man she ever loved returns, and he threatens to blow her carefully constructed world to pieces.


He can’t forget the past.

Marcus Keller is the king of Silicon Valley. Now he’s returned to Lost Coast Harbor, ready to prove his success to his hometown. But when he should be focusing on the biggest achievement in his career, he’s distracted by an attack on his company and by an ex-wife he craves as much as he ever did. Marcus knows exactly how perilous Bree Rogers is to his heart, but as an old passion ignites, he dares to hope she won’t walk away a second time.


Can Bree and Marcus find a way to put the past behind them…or will her secrets break his heart all over again?

August 30
Dark and Stormy Books
Dark and Stormy Books

Customer Reviews

GreyGirl50 ,

Romantic suspense thriller!

Computer geeks will love this romantic suspense thriller but rest-assured, you don't have to be well versed in code to enjoy this really well written and super sexy read. Marcus and Bree grew up together in Lost Coast Harbor and their brilliant minds made them rivals who impulsively married and quickly divorced. Now ten years later, Marcus has moved his successful business back to Lost Coast Harbor and Bree is way outside her comfort zone when he asks her to use her code writing skills to counteract a disastrous data breach. This is a smart and fast paced storyline reminiscent of the movie, "The Net", that exposes the deep divide between Marcus and Bree as well as the mastermind behind the suspicious events that threaten to destroy everything Marcus has worked for. Will Bree find the courage to confess a secret that contributed to their breakup or will she continue to keep Marcus in the dark and lose her chance at a normal life? Get ready for a thrilling roller coaster ride you won't soon forget. I read a complimentary copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.

mgrambo3 ,

Secrets of the past always come out.

Bree has always been smart and one step ahead, but she has been hiding the fragile she'll she is barley holding together. When her ex returns she is in more risk of everything crumbling around her.
When Marcus returns to Lost Coast Harbor he is trying to prove he made it big. But being home has proven to throw challenge after challenge his was. Turn to help from the one person he craved.
Marcus grew up in Lost Coast Harbor while away at college with the help of his best friends managed to create a successful business and made a name for himself. When he was at a crossroad with the company he decides that relocating the company back to his home town. Now he is trying to get things going while going public with his company.
Will loving back home be the best thing for Marcus and his company? Will Marcus and Bree be able to handle living in the same town? Or will their past be to hard to over come?
Sins of Her Past is book five of the Lost Coast Harbor Series, although it is part of a series it is a standalone book. Each book builds on the characters in the town and you get to see more one on one with that books highlighted couple.

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