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One year. Twelve strangers. An unbreakable contract.

The first time I saw the secluded mountain-top villa, I thought it was beautiful.
Then I met the powerful men who owned such a place. They forced me to bow down before I knew their names. Exposed me to their hungry eyes.

I'm their prisoner for a year.

This is all thanks to my dead father. He left me a massive diamond mine. Everyone here wants it… marrying me is the only way.

12 months. Each one dedicated to a different gorgeous, wicked man to do as he pleases. And at the end they'll fight over me in an auction.

There's no love here. No kindness.
That's what I tell myself so I can resist.
Because if I thought for a second that one of these tempting strangers could fall for me, heart and soul, I'd lose the only power I have.

If I fall in love…
That's when I'll truly surrender.

A Year of Surrender: Book 1

April 13
Emily Aster Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

FlowersShowLove ,

What in the World is Going to Happen to Marjorie?

This is the first of twelve books in the “A Year of Surrender” series by Emily Aster. This is the first book written by Ms. Aster that I have read, and I am hooked on the series and her style of writing.

Marjorie is an eighteen year old, recent high school graduate with plans for college, and now her parents are deceased. An Uncle she doesn’t know very well has invited her to live with him. Marjorie soon finds out it’s a secluded town on a mountain side and the only way in is via helicopter. Then her world shatters all over again when she finds out what’s really going on. She’s very unfamiliar with men as her father did not allow her to date or even talk to boys as she attended an all girls school. The year of surrender involves sexual activities that Marjorie is unprepared for. She feels isolated with the maid being her only friend and she wants to escape. Can she survive this year of surrender?

LisanneH ,

Familiar premise

Um, this reminds me so much of another series by Gemma James. Twelve months, twelve different guys, one month each and one girl (and a diamond mine).

The men each gets to sample Marjoriie’s goods before buying at auction and Sir Jasper is up first.

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