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I never got over you.

On paper, Tanner Beckwith has had a stellar existence. A musician in demand, he’s travelled the globe with famous pop stars and has performed for hundreds of thousands of people. But underneath his success lies a well of loneliness so deep he can’t imagine ever escaping the darkness he hides. When he is fired from a famous diva’s tour because of her handsy husband, he decides to head home, ending almost six years of non-stop performing. His beloved aunt takes him in, giving him a roof over his head and work to distract him from his inner turmoil. Then, he encounters the one man he’s ever loved, his former best friend who rejected him years ago. Griffin is the only man who has ever made him crazy, and now he is living next door, with a muscle-bound boyfriend by his side. Can Tanner get past his deeper feelings and resume the friendship he and Griffin once shared, or will his heart get broken again?

Griffin Cartwright has fought for his emotional life from day one. Being brought up in an ultra-conservative religious family, he has had no choices other than the ones being laid out for him by a strict father who demands perfection from his only child. When his best friend in the world bares his soul about his feelings, he rejects him, afraid of the love he feels for Tanner, and of being rejected by his family. Years later, after coming to grips with his sexuality, he is confronted with his teenage crush, who once was his only friend in the world. 

Currently involved with another man, the most Griffin can hope for is Tanner’s forgiveness for ending their friendship years ago. But, seeing Tanner every single day is igniting emotions he’s long suppressed, and no longer wants to fight. 

At the corner of Robinson Street and Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia is an old apartment building filled with broken hearts and wistful dreams. Situationship is the first book in The Balcony Boys series, and features a wise landlady and a cast of wonderful characters all aching to find their happily ever afters. There are no cliffhangers or cheating, and each book can be read as a stand-alone novel. Oh, and you might see a character or three from The Boys of Oregon Hill.

November 19
Cruz Publishing
Ian Lewis

Customer Reviews

Warcait ,


I fell in love with the The Boys of Oregon Hill series so when this new one came out I had to read it. Tanner and Griffin will pull your emotions hard. Aunt Dottie is amazing. With love and respect she gives her boys a place to grow and heal. I know I am going to enjoy reading all of their stories. Wonder who will be next. I know there is Blaise, and Hector and the new guy Jude but it could be someone else new. Man I’m so excited!!

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