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This enlightening study is the result of group discussions at Dr. Adler's annual seminar in Aspen, Colorado, and conversations between Dr. Adler and Bill moyers filmed for public television.

Each summer, Mortimer J. Adler conducts a seminar at the Aspen Institute in Colorado. At the 1981 seminar, leaders from the worlds of business, literature, education, and the arts joined him in an in-depth consideration of the six great ideas that are the subject of this book: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty - the ideas we judge by; and Liberty, Equality and Justice - the ideas we act on. The group discussions and conversations between Dr. Adler and journalist Bill Moyers were filmed for broadcast on public television, and thousands of people followed their exploration of these important ideas. Discarding the out-worn and off-putting jargon of academia, Dr. Adler dispels the myth that philosophy is the exclusive province of the specialist. He argues that "philosophy is everybody's business," and that a better understanding of these fundamental concepts is essential if we are to cope with the political, moral, and social issues that confront us daily.

December 1

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Baylee williams ,


The book “ Breezes” Written by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri. This book was originally written in Arabic and on the left side of the page translated into English by Mouna Mana. A little bit of information about the author and the translator. Wafica is a lawyer, an educator and a community activist. The translator Mouna Mana, is a writer, a teacher and a screenwriter. This short novel is more read like a poem or a play, because in the beginning of the play it shares the emotions of the girl then it continues to show the girl and the boy talking back and forth though out the story.

Breezes starts as the emotions being shared as the girl just sitting there. Just shows and it states all the emotions that she is feeling. The theme of this play is caring, love, growing up, and also falling in love. The girl and the boy meet in school and as the play goes on she states how they are talking and she keeps thinking to herself saying does he want to touch my hands why doesn’t he grab them? She thought all these thought in her head as they were talking with one another. As the novel goes on she and her friends walk home from school and one day the young boy decides to join and walk them home from school and then begins chatting with all of them. As they grow together he finally ask her to go on a date, but what was so different about the date was he took her to his house and to meet his parents. They eventually fall in love with one another but they end up splitting up because she had seen him talking to another girl and are no longer together. Of course, she still loves him because you don’t just stop loving someone but the actions that he had done by talking to another woman broke her heart. At the end of the novel they eventually meet again at an older age and he pops the question, but she’s still not ready. Still in the back of her head were the rumors from high school and that put a red flag in her head. They then ran into one another in an elevator, become in contact again, go on a date and then they continue the rest of their life’s together living in a retirement home.

Breezes was a very interesting Novel, I had to read over it a few times because I was so confused on how to read it. I wasn’t expecting it to be like it was when I first started reading it. When I first approached it I was reading it as a book but then after looking over it a few times I came to conclusion that it started with sharing the emotions of the girl then it started a dialogue of two different people talking to one another. This short novel was full of love, caring and a whole lot of different experiences that people go through to find love. I recommend this book for everyone. Its so very interesting and it is a love story. Who doesn’t like reading about love stories? They are just so awesome and heart warming. Although this was a bit difficult hard to read it was so very interesting and highly recommended.

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