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"A somber, disturbing mystery fused with a scathing look at the fashion industry. Mangin writes in a confident, razor-edged style." - Kirkus Reviews

Condom dresses and space helmets have debuted on fashion runways.

A dead body becomes the trend when a coat made of human skin saunters down fashion’s biggest stage. The body is identified as Annabelle Leigh, the teenager who famously disappeared over a decade ago from her boyfriend’s New York City mansion.

This new evidence casts suspicion back on the former boyfriend, Cecil LeClaire. Now a monk, he is forced to return to his dark and absurd childhood home to clear his name. He teams up with Ava Germaine, a renegade ex-model. And together, they investigate the depraved and lawless modeling industry behind Cecil’s family fortune.

They find erotic canes, pet rats living in crystal castles, and dresses made of crushed butterfly wings. But Cecil finds more truth in the luxury goods than in the people themselves. Everyone he meets seems to be wearing a person-suit. Terrified of showing their true selves, the glitterati put on flamboyant public personas to make money and friends. Can Cecil find truth in a world built on lies?

In high fashion modeling, selling bodies is organized crime.

Fiction & Literature
July 12
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Customer Reviews

gabbygm12 ,

Love this weird, vivid, satire mystery!

This story is really unique. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone I know, but would strongly recommend to all my friends!

The subject matter is dark & serious, but weirdly balanced with humor and absurdity. It feels in a lot of ways like a movie, a combination Eyes Wide Shut and Silence of the Lambs, but funnier.

The writing style is so easy to read and vivid and the story moves really quickly. There are huge twists, I thought I was smart because I suspected one of them but was blown away by the other. The characters and their relationships to each other both scary real and simply absurd - it reminds me of people I know and I love it.

Even though it’s set in an almost fantasy / satirical version of New York City’s elite high-fashion world, I believe a lot of the crazy things described and the horrors that take place there are real.

Thank you to the publisher for an advanced reader copy.